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  1. As I mentioned above, I already made the choice to not to install ImgBurn at all. Fortunately, there's no deficit with free programs to burn CDs (I've installed InfraRecorder and already solved my task with it). I just want to give some feedback to the author of program. I think he moves in wrong direction and I explained why.
  2. But TVs, radios, magazines and newspapers don't uses donation models together with advertising. Only you use both of them simultaneously.
  3. Why should I trust them? Their website isn't that reason. I can write on my website anything I want. Even that I'm trusted by well-known companies. I just know that people don't like OpenCandy and 23% anti-viruses think this is adware. You use donation model of monetization. So you should select one of it: donation or sponsors. People will not donate for program which contains a lot of ads and not open source.
  4. There are many users who checking downloaded from internet executables on virustotal.com before execute. So here is bad news: 13 of 57 anti-viruses detects some kind of malware (adware, badware, unwanted program, etc.). Reputation of file is -100 points and most of commets are very negative. https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/ab5ab68b541c0de51d7e9eafe1cbe5267347c1e6edf1faeedc79e01fd774375e/analysis/ Firstly I wanted to install and try this program. Now -- I don't. I read the topic with explanation that OpenCandy is only DLL which is used to show "one or two" screens during install. But I don't trust them. This DLL was written by bad guys, contains unknown code and it's executing with Administrator privileges. Can you keep calm? I'm not. Once executed under Administrator this DLL can make anything on my PC... Can install any backdoor (downloaded from internet) or adjust any policies, etc. I don't need software for such price. This is too expensive. AVG OpenCandy.7AF 20150326 Cyren W32/OpenCandy.A2.gen!Eldorado 20150326 DrWeb Adware.OpenCandy.3 20150326 ESET-NOD32 Win32/OpenCandy potentially unsafe 20150326 F-Prot W32/OpenCandy.A2.gen!Eldorado 20150326 GData Win32.Adware.OpenCandy.C 20150326 K7AntiVirus Unwanted-Program ( 0040fa551 ) 20150326 K7GW Unwanted-Program ( 0040fa551 ) 20150326 Malwarebytes PUP.Optional.OpenCandy 20150326 Rising PE:PUF.OpenCandy!1.9DE5 20150326 TotalDefense Win32/Tnega.SFXRO 20150326 TrendMicro ADW_OPENCANDY 20150326 TrendMicro-HouseCall ADW_OPENCANDY 20150326
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