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  1. I also vote for this feature. I know EAC supports burning with an offset, but EAC only works with a very limited number of drive models and my drive is not supported. Furthermore, there seems to be no other program in the world that will burn with an offset. imgburn has excellent drive support, so if an offset feature could be added, it would be the only burning program that supports many drives and allows burning with an offset. My drive needs a write offset of -6, and without this feature, I have to open up cuetools and "fix" with a -6 offset, save a new cue image, and then burn that new image. Generating a new cd image can be very time consuming when working with more than a couple disks, so being able to burn directly with an offset would save a lot of time.
  2. Hmmm, well I figured it would be more helpful if I could reply to the existing topic rather than creating probably the 15th topic on the same suggestion. Edit: That seems to have done it - 3 posts
  3. I registered to voice my opinion in support of suggested features, but i cant reply to topics
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