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  1. I am using ImgBurn to write audio CDs, and to include the track information on the disc. When creating the CUE file, I choose "Tag" for each track so that it will gather Performer and Title information from the included audio tracks. I have just discovered that if there are any double-quotation marks (such as The "5" Royales) in either the Performer or Title information, it does not correctly write that information onto the disc. I have looked at the CUE file with a text editor and I see that this information is enclosed in double-quotes by ImgBurn, so when it finds a double-quote in the text, it interprets the first such instance as the end of the quote and moves on to the next line. Hard to explain, but in a CUE file an embedded double-quote in a Performer name will appear like this: "The "5" Royales" Then when this is written to the disc, it comes out as: The How can I preserve those double-quote characters? I can edit the CUE file and replace them with single-quotes, but that's giving up. I tried preceding the double-quote characters with a backslash (to indicate a "special character") but that doesn't work. Any other ways? (I have not included a copy of the log because there's nothing there to indicate a failure -- the disc burned just fine except for the text problem.)
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