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  1. Some years later, back again and wanting to convert these to get them into a better format. They were on DVD, I used an older version of imgburn probably around 2009 to 2011 to rip from DVD to PC and at that time the program seems to have generated BIN/MDS. Based on the notes above is the route to use imgburn to convert to ISO, mount them then use a program to convert to MP4 - does imgburn do this? I'm on Windows 10.
  2. Is there a simple way to convert the legacy .bin and .mds files into an ISO file or MP4 now? I am able to view the .bin files by renaming them to ISO and then opening the 4 video files manually although would prefer a simpler solution. thanks
  3. The files I have are .bin and .mds. I think these were created by image burn when I ripped the original DVDs. They were in DVD playable (non data) format. I've found that if I rename the .bin to .iso I can open the iso and see the video_ts directory and in that are .bup, .ifo, .vob files. I can open the .vob files in any video player. However I'm thinking I could convert these to .mp4 using Replay Video Capture and simply video grab the content as it's being played so that I can make an .mp4 from that. Surprising there isn't a converter.
  4. A few years ago I had some home videos converted by a shop from tape to DVD. I then used imageburn to save a copy of these DVDs onto my computer and I have two files, the logical volume identifier.bin (approx 4GB) and the logical volume identifier. I'm wanting to play these. How do I do this? I was able to play them a year or two ago on Windows 7 but following a clean upgrade to Windows 10 they no longer play. What do I need to play the .bin file? I'm also wanting to convert the bin file into a more standard format such as .mp4. How do I do this? Does imgburn support either of the above? If not, what do I need? If I can play the files I could capture the screen with Replay Video Capture but perhaps there is a better and less time consuming way many thanks Craig
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