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  1. Thank you all for your help. I think this product is the one for me but as you say at a cost. I will however give it a try and see what limitations are on free version. Regards to all Merv Sims
  2. After reading all the above have no idea what it means, there seems know one who has a easy to follow instructions. Merv Sims
  3. It is help, have always used 1 disc for each project and have not yet found a way to add multiple projects on one disc with menu. Would be great if you could point me in right direction. Merv Sims
  4. I have no idea how to burn several projects to disc from folders. Regards Merv Sims
  5. Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions. What had happened was that Premier Elements had defaulted back to NTSC. I changed it to PAL and it worked. It does seam wrong that Adobe have not addressed this problem and that third party software has to be used. Thanks for your help Merv Sims
  6. My TV and Video are PAL UK standard setting's
  7. I have been unable to burn DVD with Adobe Premier Elements 11/Photoshop11. Message: burn halted at 99% internal software error %0%1. This would seem to be a long running problem for many years. They suggest burning to file and then using 'ImgBurn' to burn to disc. I have done this successfuly but my player message is 'Incompatible TV settings' so unable to view. I am Using Windows10
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