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  1. Inside the bag prevents dust and insects but the humidity will be bad if I close the bag and put in a ventilated environment?
  2. exist any problem of humidity if I store the cd / dvd / mdisc inside a dvd black case and dvd case inside a closed plastic bag? I keep the bag closed in a ventilated and open room
  3. Indirect sunlight, led lamp light, fluorescent lamp light in these 3 cases the light degrades the polycarbonate plastic?
  4. 1000 years for good jitter, good pie, good pif
  5. Dvdr mdisc jitter, pie, pif will degrade with the passing of the years?
  6. 1 I keep my dvdr verbatim and mdisc dvd inside black case of dvd, black is dark, the place where I keep them is only moist on rainy days, on these rainy days the fungus develop? 2 Does the dvdr mdisc suffer from any jitter, pie, pif degradation every year?
  7. 1 for long-term archival of data and non-fungus in diusc polycarbonate is recommended CD-R, DVDR, MDisc DVDR, Blu-ray? Or do they all have the same resistance, structure, and same problems? 2 For storage of CDs, DVDs, MDiscs what is the best place to prevent fungal growth?
  8. The fungus attacks and eats the polycarbonate or the glue or the dye or the 3?
  9. i have doubt long time, It is possible fungi to develop in the polycarbonate of cdr/dvdr/mdisc and eat the disc polycarbonate, dye, glue? I read on the internet a fungus called Geotrichum that attacks optical media
  10. MDisc DVDR presents degradation jitter, PIE, PIF, POF every year? MDisc Is same DVDR organic dye?
  11. i downloaded official website imgburn servidor imgburn
  12. When I run the ImgBurn installer Avira shows an alert and removes for quaratine the Adware / DealPly.dcjga, I downloaded the imgburn from the official site What does this mean for me to do?
  13. Is there an aging test for mdisc? Assuming that under certain conditions he will live 1000 years?
  14. Does millenniata testing not fit for durability in mdisc years? They will last well less than 1000 years? Maybe 10 or 20 I do worry about jitter, pie, pif because I burned dvd-r verbatim azo mcc 03rg20 and got bad values jitter, pie, pif, you can see in that topic that I posted the photos
  15. 1 Thanks for the explanation, Millenniata says that MDisc have been tested and have a life expectancy of 1000 years at 25 ° C 50% RH, maybe this is lie or marketing 2 Did you burn mdisc in 4x? What results jiter, PIE, PIF did you get? 3 Burning mdisc at 2x causes increased stress and heat on polycarbonate and materials because the laiser acts for more minutes at 4x the laser acts less minutes?
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