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  1. ImgBurn is the best burning program which was why it was so sad the latest version came bundled with malware. This wasn't just adware that you could choose to install- it was really malicious malware that was very difficult to remove (I finally managed to). I didn't see any option to not install it. Afterwards I managed to find an old version and have been using that with no problems. However according to Wikipedia "On 23 June 2016, the producer removed the adware component, and the software is now free and clean again." The reference isn't to the ImgBurn website though. Was this removal officially announced? The thing is, trust once squandered is very difficult to get back. If this malware has in fact been removed from the installer, it would be good if there was an official pronouncement made somewhere on the ImgBurn website. Even then I would be wary of installing, but I might give it a go. The changelog still says: Changed: No longer bundling/offering the Ask.com toolbar in the setup program, OpenCandy now handles product offerings during installation. Opencandy is very nasty. I would need to see something on the ImgBurn site verifying that it has been removed before I would even think of attempting to install again.
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