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  1. Yes your right! The win8 mp3 files on checking were done at bit rate of 320kbps whereas the XP ones were done at 128kbps. They will have to be redone, can't tell the difference anyway.
  2. Well I know I burned the coasters - its a tough one to reproduce but I will give it a go and record the session. I seem to remember holding the final burn size down to 100MB less than what could be acheived in order to make it reliable. I would also get more than one duplicate and go through the same process several times. The fill bar would get to near 100% and with more files added it would wrap around without the legend turning red to something less than 100% fooling you into adding more files. I know its subjective but under win8 how come I only get 62 mp3 files to fill a CD when under XP I get about 270 files? Estaré de vuelta?
  3. I'm getting the idea but what I was doing at the time when a duplicate file was first encountered was to delete the offending file from the dialog window and then continue to drag more files into the window. It lets you do this but the metrics all gets screwed up hence the coasters. I never noticed until I recorded the vids that the metrics had gone to zero. If you must do it this way then when the metrics clear you should also clear the dialog window of dropped files but this is going to hack off users.
  4. Ok! So why are you loosing metrics on the XP vid when a duplicate file is encountered? I take your point on the partial win8 vid.
  5. I gave this a shakedown and it fell over at the first hurdle. It outputs vobs with no sound when the source file is a WMV file in both the trial and licensed verions. They have acknowledged it as a fault and have not said when a fix will be available. Their DVD Ultimate is awesome and does what DVD Creator does and has no problem with sound on its out. The Creator DVD team leave a lot to be desired because they cannot have fully tested the release version they are selling.
  6. I got the forum headsup email and have attached by reply the Snagit vids (3.31MB) in a 20808.rar. Please keep an eye out for it in the spam can if thats is where replies go to?
  7. This isn't working can you email me?Desktop.part001.rar
  8. Under XP there are issues. When a duplicate file is found the build metrics are lost. I guess when I was deleting the offending file from the dialog window the next addition got its sums wrong? The other thing is it seems to add 250+ files before things start to go wrong compared with Win8 which takes only 61 files to fill the same dic size. On win8 the open folder icon is not finding the files in the folder. I did some more tests and on XP and Win8 the size writing turns red and negative as a warning. I never got to the the red number warning on XP I stopped filling just short of the disc size and it burned coasters. Vids of what is happening attached. What happened to the file uploaded?
  9. I was filling the file dialog window with mp3 files and the fill bar was moving along. I would stop filling near the limit of the CD but when it burned I got a coaster. I had to remove files but the fill bar was all over the place. Had to leave about 90Mb to be sure of a reliable burn. Would have expected imgburn to have complained when the limit had been reached, it didn't. Logs provided for upload. PS: The mp3 files came from CD's we have bought in the past.
  10. Sod Windows! http://www.isobuster.com/isobusterdownload.php With the porting of the WinASPI32 dll to Wine, the windows emulator, it is now possible to use IsoBuster on Linux. So is it possible to have ImgBurn on Linux too please?
  11. Aplogies if ImgBurn already does this but: I use ImgBurn under W2K as a convenient and reliable way to burn ISO images to disc. These are usually downloads of LINUX images, etc. It would be nice if the reverse could take place, insert the OS disc and create an ISO Image to hard disk. This would be useful for long term archiving, CDROMs are not to be relied upon for long term storage, or for mounting with say Daemon Tools or as VMware CDROM images.
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