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  1. Can you add a new mode to Img Burn that allows converting between image formats. For example converting "Bin/CUE to NRG" or "BIN/CUE/OGG to regular BIN/CUE"? Free virtual drives have support for very few image formats and this makes it necessary to convert images. Sophisticated mixed mode images with audio tracks in external files (such as BIN/CUE/WAV, BIN/CUE/MP3, BIN/CUE/OGG) are not supported by any Virtual drives (free or paid). ImgBurn is the only software that can read all these images. Currently the only way to convert image formats via ImgBurn is to burn the image to a CD/DVD and make a new image from that CD/DVD. This is an issue in Laptops that do not have CD/DVD drives/burners. It also requires wasting a CD/DVD for each conversion. If you don't want to add a new mode to the GUI, it is also possible to accomplish this conversion by adding a Virtual Burner option to "Write Image File to Disc Mode". Just add a Virtual Burner option under the Destination drop box (after the real CD/DVD burners). When the user selects it, you can ask them to specify the image format and save location for the image. This might be the easiest way to do it, because you will not have to modify the Ez-Mode Picker menu of the GUI. Thanks.
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