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    GOLF, GOLF, GOLF and 'erm, Golf. ( not v.w.)

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  1. I'm smart, i use a Radio Cassette Recorder
  2. monster

    ips server error

    thank goodness for that, as after getting to know L.U.K from a previous prog, i thought maybe for a second ....the same's happening all over again.............. Thanks cornholio7 i'll sleep deeper and more comfier now
  3. monster

    ips server error

    Hi L.U.k and all, Just wondering if there's a problem with your forum site? or if the potential problem is this end? (if either are to blame) Over the last 2 nights between 1900 and until the early hours of the following morning i've been stopped from entering the forum area due to an IPS server error? however i do seem to be able to access all other areas of the web that are of interest to me i.e golf sites, golf clubs, golf courses, golf golf and erm o'h yes my email account and of course the img forum. If there is aprob? do i need to change any of my settings or is it just one of those gremlin type things that happen every now and then.......... Absolute brill site, much appreciation and credit to L.U.K. and all the back ground folks, plus a big thanks to all the helpers always on hand to forward us in the right direction. Monster
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