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  1. Wild. They certainly have had a lot of use. On a whim, I burned my last disc with the drive normally reserved for reading, and the verification process went off without a hitch. Of course, that proves nothing; it's only one occasion. But I have the option, and, worse comes to worse, I just swap the drives and buy more. Thanks for the info!
  2. Same problem. I use Verbatim. I've burnt thousands of discs of data with this machine, built back in December of 2011, I believe. The drives are Samsung, original to the machine. They came from Fry's, back when Fry's was awesome. I have twin optical SATA drives. I use one to read, and the other to write. The inability to cycle the try and begin verification happens most of the time, now. I manually cycle the tray a few times, and it eventually completes the verification. I just bought two more drives, so I can replace them if I must . . . but the machine was built in 2011. I need a new machine, anyway. I do not know how viable a solution it would be to turn off verification, but it is incredibly rare to get a dud. I maybe see one or two in a year. I can't imagine a seven month MTBF. That's what we put up with in the 80's and 90's with our IDE hard drives and external optical drives. I'm in year eleven with my rig. I've had the motherboard's wireless chipset fail and a video card failure to date. All my drives are original, and still going strong.
  3. From my reading, software authors are supposed to ensure their software does not behave this way. Previously, with Windows XP, users could tweak the registry to stop this behavior. Today, we rely on quality programming.
  4. I am on Windows 7 using ImgBurn I prefer to run ImgBurn in the background while I'm working on something else. ImgBurn has been stealing focus when discs finish burning, minimizing my current application and forcing itself as the active application. I need this to stop. I don't mind a bell or chime in the background when ImgBurn finishes a disc, but talking me away from my work is too much. I've looked around the settings, but can find nothing to stop the behavior. Older version of the software did not steal focus. Can someone help me out?
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