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  1. it seems they "solved" the problem by removing the responsible driver from the package
  2. FYI: i contacted AMD and we finally reached the point where they are also able to reproduce the problem. hopefully it will be fixed soon. this thread might be moved to support anyway (my bad)
  3. ok now i tried ~10 times, and it won't freeze so it could have been some accident or donno, but if i face it again i'll try to watch it more carefully eh it gets funnier: this screen came after i erased it and then let it analyze, and then erased it again, and all this a few times edit: i had to restart imgburn coz it kept saying it's unable to lock the drive for exclusive access... it's working now...
  4. as far as i remember i pressed it. however the drive led didn't blink i tried to launch task manager (to check cpu load), and i pressed show processes from all users (i got used to that...), and then it never came back, and the taskbar was unclickable too i'll let you know if i find out how did i procude that
  5. yeah it's fine here too now. i'm trying to realize how the freeze i mention could be reproduced
  6. obviously i can avoid that. i didn' wrote about this just coz i'm too bored but i did coz i thought it may worth disabling that button while analyzing, for example. others might be happy if they didn't have to restart their pc when they face this for the first time ...
  7. when opening a cuesheet+mp3, imgburn starts to analyze the audio file. if one presses the erase button during this period, imgburn stops responding (as for me, the taskbar also did)
  8. sorry for the long delay i rollbacked the ide controller driver to the ms one, but the error remained. then i also rollbacked the sata controller driver, and now it works. thanks for your guidance and patience. i'll try to let the ati driver maintainers know about this problem when i finish my exams.
  9. The reason I linked to rapidshare was someone else wanted the firmware as well and it was already upped. I also have an issue with the computer I was on last night whereby I could not get the link from samsung's site to link to. You are right though about not wanting to use what you could deem as untrustworthy files however as Mmalves pointed out a fellow Beta team member is not going to give you a dodgy file. I would never knowingly give out a dodgy file. Anyways remove the amd driver for ide and let windows use Ms one see if that helps if it does not work there is nothing you can do but install again using a different set of drivers and latest bios ok i will try, but anyway i didn't install anything like this after windows install. i always try to keep my system clean from huge driver packs which install a lot of useless appshit. i usually install drivers only for those which windows cant recognize, and even those i install from an inf + sys if possible. maybe the ati driver installer updated it (the ide driver), but i'm not sure. however, now i'm a week off, so we will continue to chat later
  10. oh well, you tell me to accept anything from you without ever questioning it, and right after that you state something that is bullshit but i piss off people. nice. then i send you a file which will increase the stability of your system. i will upload it to rapidshare but dont be bothered you can trust me just install it, no worries. how does that sound? im not a smartarse but ive been using windows since win 3.x and one thing i learned is that very little things can mess the whole thing up im not arguing anyone, im just tired of hacked stuff made by wannabes and which seem to solve one problem but in the background brings up 7 other. before you again misunderstood me, now i didnt say that dontasciime is a wannabe or anything, i just said that the file he uploaded could be from anywhere, and it may cause harm even if his/her intentions are completely good i didnt piss off anyone until know, thanks
  11. =============================================== Filter Driver Load Order - ImgBurn v2.4.1.0 =============================================== Upper Device Filter: [None Found] Upper Class Filter: [None Found] Device: CD/DVD-ROM Device Lower Class Filter: [None Found] Lower Device Filter: [None Found] are you talkin about the "AMD PCI IDE Controller" ?
  12. Get from the official site then, and if you compare them you'll see both are exactly the same. Do you think anyone gets to be a Beta Team member around here? there is no connection between someone becoming a beta team member and linking a file on the forum thanks for the link (if its on a samsung site i cant see a reason to post a rapidshare link anyway), i've just updated the firmware and will test it after reboot and please dont blame me for not flashing my drive with a file from an unofficial source which may potentially damage my drive edit: it wont solve it
  13. man i don't think i'm gonna update a firmware from an unofficial source "Which motherboard do you have ?" it's an asus m2a-mx "post the filter drivers from ImgBurn help menu." i can't find such menu "Capture a screen shot from device manager to show ide/sata controllers" here's the screenshot
  14. well ok i know the ticket on the ms site is an xp one, but it also occurs on vista. however on vista i can kill imgburn and then eject the cd. i tried to reply to the ms mail from a support person but i got a delivery failed msg, so i'll have to find an other way to let them know ... however, the best thing would be to actually get the fix for this problem go mainstream, so that i and others dont have to find workarounds and hacks for it to get it work in the future either way i'll try to solve it and keep you informed, like before anyway, i couldnt find sb01 for my drive
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