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  1. 2 disks of Verbatim = SINGLE LAYER 25GB cost me: 0.80 euro each disk = = 1.6 euros total for 2 disks. -------------------------- I split a movie into HALF !!!!!!! And cost me 1.6 euro TOTAL. For 2 empty disks of 25GB. For this 4K HDR BT2020 movie. ------------------------------------ SPLITTING = is the way to go !!!!!!!!! For 4K movies Without loosing QUALITY !!!!!!!!!!!! Jack
  2. The only solution for 4K movies, I can do now ..... Is to spit the MKV file (35GB) into 2 pieces. And burn it over 2 Single-Player disks of 25GB each. All my 4K movies are now = PART 1 / PART 2 I SPLIT the 4K movie / into / 2 PIECES !!!! HALFWAY ........... Ok, I don't mind changing disks / after 50 minutes or 1 hour of playtime. Every 50 minutes, I can check TOILET pee/pee time. hahahhaha Jack
  3. My friend, I've thrown 3 other BD-DL 50GB at it. Samsung UBD-K8500, seems to have a BAD/SAD POOR quality LAZER !!! Second: When buying original 4K HDR movies (BLACK BLURAY) It seems also my = UBD-K8500 can't play = TRUE-HD or DTS-HD SOUND !!! So, I get NO SOUND at all !!!! This 4K player = just GARBAGE !!!! He has also problems with playing other FORMATS (Video & Sound files) I will NEVER, NEVER buy something from = SAMSUNG again !!!! Samsung 4K player, seems to FORCE-US to buy ORIGINAL 4K movies. Instead of COPY MKV / MP4 files. Samsung is NOT = CUSTOMAR FRIENDLY !!!!!!!!!!!! SAMSUNG = SHAME !!!!!! Buying an ORIGINAL 4K movie. I get picture, but NO SOUND !!! Samsung doesn't Support = TRUE-HD or DTS-HD !!!! What a WASTE of 350 euro's !!!!!!!!!! :fever:
  4. + the fact .... Samsung like this brand, Sony like that brand, .... I guess it comes all down, to TRIAL and ERROR. I've been lucky again. I've buyed 1 BLUE VERBATIM, on cheap price to test. Gesamtbetrag inkl. Versand: 14,98 EUR (inclusive shipment) on ebay. Here's a picture: This I like very much. That you sometimes can buy 1 disk to test, instead of buying a huge SPINDLE. I'm at WAR with my UBD-K8500 !!! hehehe ... I throw every disk at it. If he keeps beeing annoying, Maybe in the futur, I will buy a second different 4K Player. When the prices are going down a littlebit. Don't have the money now for something like 500-800 euro's.
  5. I also wanna thank you, for your great help / superb info / & patience with me Didn't know that burning 4K HDR movies, was so difficult ......... Due most players still have problems reading DL. Like you said : 1) we need to find the good burner for it 2) we need to find the brand for it (for the UBD-K8500) Samsung his quality is going down .... That's for sure. More and more people complain. And theire service is garbage lately also. They say: The problem is you're TV. What the hell ?? No, no, the problem is Samsung :whack:
  6. and we have also those blue ones, I have mentioned before. These seems also more REAL verbatim to me. However, seems also a lot of Amazon complaints about the second layer. here's a picture: The ones you mean I believe are these:
  7. End of story of this batch. One disk did play good on PC only. The other disk = can't play this disk !!! Pls remove dust ! What a load of garbage disks !! The failure rate is 97% !!! Even, so many don't also play on my PC. I'm sick of these Japanese Garbage > This is NOT VERBATIM, as I know it with my DB-R SL disks. The failure rate is = disgusting !!!!
  8. Good info and hint. Thanks for that also. I've just burned another movie. It fails on BOTH = TV and also on PC !!! on second layer. It just crashes and hangs. Seems there's definitly something wrong with these disks. The unburned Mkv file itself plays fine on PC without any hickup. It's definitly the disks itself. Seems a bad batch or bad quality. Or maybe they are just to old ? (first generation) 2013 ? you have said. I don't care anymore about the last 2 disks. I'm gonna burn them both, in the hope to catch at least 1 more success. Tuesday or wednesday, I will test Sony.
  9. Why bad uploaders ? I was using convertxtohd only to convert a True-HD audio to AC3/Dolby. Convertxtohd is very good in it. Downloaded from a bad uploader, because this is the first time that even Convertxtohd crashes due errors. Now I remember, that I've downloaded also 4K movies, from these same "bad guys". And all of them failed !! Time to test a "good guy" again. DvdFab shrinks the 33GB to 22GB. 22GB, I can burn on a Standard BD-R. Like I did say : All single layers BD-R plays fine.
  10. OW NO !!! This is also a possibility ..... That I've downloaded some movies from BAD uploaders. That they have compressed the original movie too much !! I still got 3 empty disks left. I will search after movies from the 2 good guys, I'm sure off. Time to test again hehehhe lol
  11. Sad to hear, that you had a bad experience with Sony. My first 3 BD-R are still working fine on my 4K player. Also he accept every BD-R from Verbatim. At least that's something, instead of nothing. About these Japanese, I have founded more info about them = VBR260YPV1 by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. I don't know if it says something for you ? Normally, I should know more about Sony after the weekend. Arriving: Tuesday, 14 November Your delivery option: One-Day Delivery I really hope that my player accept these from Sony, otherwise I will buy the program: DvDFab Converter. I've just tested a 33GB 4K HDR HEVC MKV to shrink it to fit on a single BD-R. Ofcourse the bitrate was going down. This is a last solution that I hope to avoid. One thing, I can't get out of my mind. My UBD-K8500 Samsung plays original 4K HDR disks. Don't tell me, that those disks are only BD-R with compressed files ? Or are they ? Normally these should also be BD-R DL /TL /QL (50-75-100GB). Seems to me, there must be a brand working for it. Or am I wrong ? Have a nice weekend Jack
  12. I've done again the same test. It seems that Pioneer did do a good job. No errors. But it seems that my 4K Samsung UBD-K8500 has problems with reading the second layer. The only thing that I can do, is to try a more expensive DL 50gb. I've just been lucky to buy a single DL from Sony at a cheaper price. If my UBD-K8500 has also problems reading the Sony one, I give up. Then my 4K player, can't read DL at all. Strange, because he plays 2-3 DL disks fine, so far. And he's working fine with buyed UHD disks on the market.
  13. Sadly, I have again the problem with the second layer. Seems the whole second layer is bad. It plays a second and then hangs for loading. Plays another second, then hangs again. Maybe these Japanese disks are a trouble. There where other people complaining too. I think my solution would be: to buy some other disks from Verbatim. Those blue ones, instead of japanese ones. These seem to have less coasters, says people on amazon. No problems playing on PC however.
  14. Can you help me one last time pls ? I have now the tool DVRTool_v1.02 and downloaded the BDR-209EBK_FW133EU driver (1.33). Ofcourse it has itself installed the latest version (1.34). How can I change this back to 1.33? I'm also not good with command codes.
  15. Ow, I forgot .... Maybe I'm nothing with Triple/Quad XL layers ???? Even the disks might have burned 100% perfectly, there's still the: MILLION DOLLAR question ...... Can my: Samsung UBD-K8500 4K bluray player from Samsung, even play these 3-4 layer disks ? Anyway, It will be interesting soon to test, hehehe lol If all goes well ..... then I have founded a way to copy real: 4K HDR HEVC BT2020 movies, that are posted in forums. Many of these 4K movies are between 30-90GB MKV files. And buying many huge USB-sticks or Extern HDD's, is more expensive. Than a disk of maybe 5 euro ? Or 3 euro ? While buying a Spindle of 50 pieces ? The movies are standing ready .... as well as my disks ..... Now biting on my nails ..... waiting time ..... for my writer to arrive .... hehehe lol
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