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  1. Hello again. Long story why I am just getting back to replying. Thanks to those that tried to help. I did as Spinningwheel suggested, not really any issues. I really think that all these programs are cool and would like to use but still cannot get Img Burn to open. I am running xp pro sp2. I have some information from my event viewier concerning this proglem. Would that have info needed? If all else fails I have dvd shrink, dvd decrytpter, and other recommended programs. Can I rip, and shrink, and save to HD, and then burn using Roxio 6.0? I really do not want to install Nero, as Roxio conflicts etc.
  2. have downloaded from imgburn web site. cannot get application to run. get following message" imgburn exe. has encountered a problem and needs to close." This is in an error message Please tell Microsoft about this problem. I have tried the post on renaming exe. files,Img burn-dvd decrypter but did not have any luck. any ideas. I have dvd shrink 3.2, and dvd decrypter installed. any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
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