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  1. If I remember correctly, even when the BD-RE disc I used wasn't virgin and might have already been pre-erased fully once before, I think Imgburn still runs the full erase procedure prior to writing to such a disc. This is what's frustrating about it. So it seems that regardless, the full erasure procedure appears to be unconditional, unless you are sure that in your own personal experience with Imgburn, that it bothers to detect whether a disc is empty or not. I have a BD-RE that was previously fully erased by Imgburn and I fully re-erased it again under Nero, after which DISC INFO in Nero Burning-ROM says that it is empty with no written sessions. I'm going to guess that when I write to this disc with Imgburn, it may re-run the full erasure again. I would imagine that the extra unnecessary erasure passes with Imgburn would also use up available erasure cycles of the disc, thus possibly shortening the available erasure cycles on a RW/RE disc.


    In the past I have noticed that Nero performs a quick format on the fly on virgin DVD+RW / DVD-RW media. I don't remember if the same is done for BD-RE media. I will have to pay attention to it next time I write BD-REs with Nero. For now I think I will continue to use Nero for writing to BD-RE media that is 50 GB or smaller. However, this is a concern going forward with BD-RE-TL discs because a full erasure cycle will take hours on such discs as I will need to either use Imgburn for BD-RE-TL or upgrade to a new version of Nero that supports BD-XL media.

  2. I have been using BD-RE-DL media for some time on two Pioneer BD-writers, a 06-series and a newer 09-series writer which supports BD-XL format. Up until recently, I have been using an older version of Nero for BD-RE-DL writing which works perfectly fine up to 50 GB capacity BDs, but as I will soon start to use Sony BD-RE-TL 100 GB media, I decided to use IMGBURN 2.58 for a few trials of Verbatim BD-RE-DL 50 GB media writes.

    I noticed that even when a BD-RE-DL disc is virgin, IMGBURN still insists on doing a full erasure pass when starting the write process. As such, this causes an additional 90 minutes of full erasure wait time for a BD-RE-DL disc write in addition to the write and verification process. For a full BD-RE-DL disc, the total wait time would therefore be quite long. I recall that when I used Nero on a virgin BD-RE-DL disc write, it was not necessary for a full disc erasure on the BD-RE medium. Is there anyway for IMGBURN to skip the virgin disc full erasure pass? Why is this full erasure pass necessary even when the disc is virgin or empty? For example, if I use Nero to complete a full erasure on a BD-RE and then use IMGBURN to do a new writing pass, how can I avoid another full erasure pass by IMGBURN?

    I also noticed that a BE-RE-DL disc put through a full erasure procedure with IMGBURN, when viewed in Nero's DISC INFO function, shows that the disc has a single session of a size of the full disc space of the BD-RE. Whereas, when I perform a full erasure with Nero on the same BD-RE, the final result using DISC INFO shows that the disc is in empty status. I'm wondering what the difference is in Imgburn's full erasure procedure that doesn't seem to produce a true empty BD-RE disc.

    Thanks for any suggestions or help.


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