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  1. Dear Author of ImgBurn, Thank you very much for your answer, now I know for sure! Kind regards, Mike098.
  2. Dear sir, I am very glad with ImgBurn, but some discs I can not burn with ImgBurn. These are DVD-RW and DVD-R DL. With DVD-RW I can format the disc, but ImgBurn hangs while "Synchronising Cache" at 99%. With DVD-R DL I get an error: "I/O Error!" and I can not proceed, because it is retrying constantly. I burn CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, BD-R, BD-RE and BD-RE TL 100 GB perfectly without any problem or error, except that with the Blu-ray discs sometimes, but not often I get a "Waiting for buffers to recover" error. Do you recognise these statements and which other discs (not mentioned here) are not able to be burned with ImgBurn, so that I will not buy these for nothing (I can not find the burnable discs on your website). Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Mike098.
  3. Dear sir, Thank you very much for your information, I now have version I tried all major burning programs, but your program is the best, without doubt. I only cannot burn DVD-RW and DVD-R DL. Kind regards, Mike098.
  4. Dear sir/madam, I deeply hate it, that the new version of ImgBurn is with OpenCandy malware. Altough I think, that I opted out all additional programs during the install, my search results from Google were redirected by another search machine after the ImgBurn install and I cannot change that. I rather pay a small amount with my credit card for a latest ImgBurn version without malware, adware and/or potential unwanted program(s) than that I end up with all sorts of malware caused in this case by OpenCandy after ImgBurn install. Now I use ImgBurn after a clean Windows install with every program installed again, but I rather have a latest version of ImgBurn [without the OpenCandy (and Conduit software?) and similar malware]. Kind regards, Mike098.
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