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  1. Hi, yeah, some other stuff got in the way, It seems like it works, It works alot better than previously anyway, no problems on my equipment at all. I'm gonna try with friends equipment also, but it seems like the Firmware upgrade might have done the trick, the device buffer didn't show up at all during the burn, is that normal, I see it happen sometimes, its like it dont care to read the buffer status until it changes next time or something. Yeah, My dvdplayer is old, like from the year 2000, but it's still a good player when it comes to playback quality (image, sound).
  2. Thats kind of the odd thing for me, I've always used Verbatim media, and just some times tried other brands, and in all circumstances, dvd video dics gives the stand alone player a hard time if the drive buffer gets emptied. Its not just my stand alone player but others also, I've tried at several friends homes and all show the same sympthoms, a burn of a dvdvideo disc that which gets an empty drive buffer means Coaster or at least errors on disc in form of skipped frames, and the like. If I burn the same disc 2 times, one time where it empties the buffer, and one where it doesn't then one disc will perform perfectly while the other will have errors. Yeah, I use a modded firmware, this time the Liggy 2.1B, previously I've been using TDB versions, my stand alone player cant handle dvd+r discs so I need them to be dvd-rom, but I use dvd-r media right now which works Verbatim (MCC 03RG20) (DVD-R 16x), which I burn at 4x anything higher means Coaster. I'm gonna try to see if stuff actually work better with the new firmware, gonna burn a disc at max speed, and let burn proof do its work, just to see if it works better with the 2.1B-Liggy than the old 2.1A-TDB, will return with results after having watched thru the movie.
  3. Ok, I think I got to explain a little, One, Since my drive produces COASTERS every single time it burns dvdvideo images to dvdrs if the device buffer gets empty, I don't like the Burnproof, its just pure shit, it slows the drive down, but the damage is already done. so it's not working. If I burn datadiscs then its ok, for those burnproof works. Back in the stoneage, there was this AWESOME application called WinOnCd made by CeQuadrat. It was the time before burnproof, but that did not matter, as long as there were data left in the application buffer the dics would come out perfect, and if had to go down on the drive buffer, then it was just a matter of praying, since 0 device buffer meant COASTER. But that almost never ever happened, unless I did some real intence work at the same time. And if it failed and the burn went to COASTER WinOnCd said so, by indicating that the burn infact had failed. (Which some of the others really didn't, one had to verify the whole disc with those programs and still there could be defective files that it didn't say anything about (Easy CD Creator was one of those, or more popular called Easy Coaster Creator)). And, I do have the same problem as I had back in the good old days, I can burn a disc, verify it, and it can say that it is OK, but when I try to play it on my stand alone DVD player, then it has parts that cant be read. Thats why I say that Burn Proof is shit, I'd rather know that I got a COASTER than discover it later. Yes, the 2.1B firmware seems alot better 30+ discs with no error, and I hope that it will infact stay that way, better burns, with less incidents, so perhaps it is now working, I know it has been out for a while but since I really hate RPCII (Got both R1 and R2 movies) I have to wait for someone to hack the firmware for me. Is there a drive on which the Burn Proof actually work as it should, I'm not sure NEC is a Good drive manufacturer, I was more of a Yamaha and Plextor buyer in the earler ages, perhaps I should just throw the NEC out for the latest Plextor. Or perhaps, I might be able to disable the feature altogether? Burn Proof I mean. If I deselect Burn Proof in the Write settings of ImgBurn, will it then burn the disc with burn proof off, or what will happen?
  4. Ok, this things are new to me, In the good old days before shit like burnproof was invented I was able to know that a disc that I burned worked or didn't work, now I have to hope that the drive buffer didn't get empty during burns, I'd rather see a failed burn when it happens. So, then only two questions remain, will it help to change the drive to another brand? Would it be possible to get a feature in ImgBurn where it logs to screen the times the device buffer got emptied? If it does it means not playable if its a movie with my drive. Is it possible to shut off the device buffer altogether? And make the program run with only the application buffer? I think ImgBurn is an awesome application, despite some minor stuff that don't work as it did ages ago, and most burning programs don't, which I got a hard time understanding.
  5. The CPU usage is always 100%, I run Folding At Home, a CPU eating service that runs at lowest possible priority, so everything gets CPU power before that one does. http://folding.stanford.edu/, but yes it seems like you have a point in those burns, for some reason Folding at home is not running, and the CPU isn't 100% all the time, but still cant I tweak ImgBurn so that it gets priority first? I know it already runs as high prioriy process, but I still think that ImgBurn should empty its application buffer prior to even go near the device buffer. I've burned some discs today, and all of those have been 100% correct, but just sometimes it goes wrong. How do I remove that one without actually uninstalling the hardware (Silicon Image sata2 controller) that the driver is for, its not for that cdrom so I guess there is a way to disable it for this device?
  6. Hi, So its the NEC drive that is a piece of CRAP?, Would it help to get another drive, if so which one/s? are good? I will add IBG for two discs that had problems, that I can remember; IBG.zip ---------------------------------------------------- Filter Driver Load Order http://www.bustrace.com ---------------------------------------------------- Upper Class Filter: SiRemFil Upper Device Filter: redbook Device Object: _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG Lower Class Filter: PxHlpa64 Lower Device Filter: imapi Driver Name: siremfil.sys File Location: c:\windows\system32\drivers File Description: Filter driver for Silicon Image SATALink controllers. File Version: 1, 1, 6, 0 [] Product Name: Product Version: 1, 0, 0, 0 [] Company Name: Silicon Image, Inc. Driver Name: redbook.sys File Location: c:\windows\system32\drivers File Description: Redbook Audio Filter Driver File Version: 5.2.3790.1830 (srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447) [5.2.3790.1830] Product Name: Microsoft? Windows? Operating System Product Version: 5.2.3790.1830 [5.2.3790.1830] Company Name: Microsoft Corporation Driver Name: pxhlpa64.sys File Location: c:\windows\system32\drivers File Description: Px Engine Device Driver for 64-bit Windows File Version: 2.03.32a [] Product Name: PxHelp64 Product Version: [] Company Name: Sonic Solutions Driver Name: imapi.sys File Location: c:\windows\system32\drivers File Description: IMAPI Kernel Driver File Version: 5.2.3790.1830 (srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447) [5.2.3790.1830] Product Name: Microsoft? Windows? Operating System Product Version: 5.2.3790.1830 [5.2.3790.1830] Company Name: Microsoft Corporation
  7. But thats the problem, The application buffer stays at 100% (256MB) while the device buffer takes the hit for launching an application, or anything that in any way affects the computer, or in some cases, without doing anything at all. And its not one time it has happened, it can happen any time, and without touching the application buffer, so thats my problem, that it refuses to give me those extra seconds the 256MB should give (256/6(approx MB/s at 4x)= roughly 40 seconds), and therefor my question, how do I tweak the buffer recovery thresholds so that it uses the application buffer BEFORE the device buffer? Having to shut down screensavers, and not using the computer at all, and still just hoping to get a valid disc while burning is something I haven't done for a long time, like in the early days of cdrecorders, since I burn at 4x and use brand quality media, as stated above, I really can't see why this happens.
  8. But how do I set the Buffer recovery so that it will at least try to read from the buffer that I can configure? I mean, should it not under all circumstances first read from the buffer, and then from the device buffer, or what is the point in having a buffer in the application if it aint used? I used to run WinOnCD in the good old days (mid to end 1990s until and a few more years), which did the job the correct way, 1, utilize application buffer and 2, utilize drive buffer, it didn't matter what I loaded, the application buffer had to be real low or empty before it touched the drive buffer. Unfortunatly Roxio has totally screwed that program up, leaving it in a state where it seems to be targeted for small children. So I assumed that ImgBurn worked the same way, hence the ability to increase the application buffer to 256MB, if it aint used, then there surely is no reason to have a buffer at all.
  9. Hi, I Read in the changelog and can visually see that there are options for Buffer Recovery Thresholds, There are sliders which I might set, but since I cant find anything about what happens if I move them in any direction, I can't learn how to set them. I've searched this forum, I've searched with google and with other search engines for what they do, but found nothing, exept the obvious, that they infact do exist. I have some problems, from time to time, sometimes when using my computer for other stuff and sometimes it just does nothing but burn, and the Device buffer hits 0, the write rate decreases, and the proceedure repeats it self while it slows down the write rate. I Run ImgBurn with the default settings, apart from the Buffer Size which I have set to 256MB instead of the initial value, since I have 2GB of RAM and seldom use more than 1GB. I Burn at 4x speed (anything above that will result in a coaster), and its DVDVIDEO imagefiles, I use Verbatim (MCC 03RG20) DVDs, always. I have a NEC 3500, with the latest 2.1B Firmware, modded for RPC1 and riplock, the issue was just the same with the 2.1A firmware from TheDangerousBrothers. Its an AMD 3000+ nForce 4 SLi machine, with 2GB RAM, and a non system drive on which the imagefile resides, a SATA2 drive from Seagate, I run XP x64 Edition. I've tried defrag, no change, file not fragmented. Could someone please instruct me on what the settings under Buffer Recovery Thresholds will affect, and how I need to set the in order for ImgBurn to use its Buffer prior to using the Device Buffer, I also think that it really should be able to burn Faster than 4x, and that it always should be able to give a good result at 4x speed, s? please instruct me. These are the settings, all with default values right now: Main Device Avg. Disk q Thanks in advance.
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