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  1. Thanks for posting LIGHTNING UK!. I tested using SPTI & the results are the same. I'm posting a couple of ImgBurn logs. These were done with the same drive in the enclosure. One is a Build to a DVD from a movie folder. One is a Read from the Audio CD. Both of these worked. So the enclosure does work with optical drives. It just won't write an Audio CD . This enclosure is for IDE optical drives as most in computers are SATA now . This can be convenient to use with those computers. I do have a tower computer with the IDE drives I want in it. I would try this drive in it but it is a PITA to swap a drive in it. I have another older computer mothballed & it is easier to change an optical drive in. I may dig it out & try it with this drive next week sometime. I believe the problem is with the enclosure. It is a SYBA & they say it has a Prolific chipset. I will see if I van find some further information from them. ImgBurnDVD.log ImgBurnbin.log
  2. I don't have any Verbatim CD RWs. Any of these look any better ? I 14:27:14 Destination Media Type: CD-RW (Disc ID: 97m22s60f, Daxon) I 15:17:07 Destination Media Type: CD-RW (Disc ID: 97m28s15f, Gigastorage I 15:21:27 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m28s22f, Multi Media Masters & Machinary SA) I 15:31:23 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m34s23f, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) My suspicion is the chipset in the enclosure with the Samsung DVD drive. I also have a Vantec Nexstar enclosure with a bluray drive in it that doesn't get the error. The log attached is using the exact same low quality CD RW in the NexStar. ImgBurn.logImgBurn.log
  3. I know I'm using a low quality blank. However as above my internal drive wrote to it fine. The exact same blank.I just erased it. I've done this a couple of times back & forth. I've also used "Test Mode" I"m certain I have a better quality CD RW around & I will look for them but I expect the same result.
  4. When writing an Audio CD from a USB external enclosure I get this error: This is the drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H662A UO00 (K:) (USB) Above is just a partial of the log. I am attempting to let it complete but it is taking a long time & keeps repeating the error with each new sectors. I doubt the resulting Audio CD will be a good one. That is why I'm testing with an CD RW. I'm using an EAC created .cue file. I have also tested the same .cue file to the same CD RW from an internal drive with no errors. So the problem seems to be caused by using a USB.enclosure.
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