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  1. I have Playstation Model Number SCPH-77004 The zilver grey ones Ah that sounds pretty logical :O these issues sure are anoying but thanks to ur help im getting allot smarter i have no clue really what im doing im following this youtube video now somethings are different in my DVd flick like the speed of writing and so on but i tried everything in different settings too but didn't do much... maybe im doing it all wrong i make allot of mp4 into the iso file i read somewhere it could be a screw in the playstation but eep i cant even find a screw I Play the Iso file on VLC on my computer then it works fine! but isnt it weird that the burned dvds flicker on exact the same moments ? and the other 2 min could be perfect i did notice the mouth move to late in my first 2 burns but thats gone now idk why ... Thats the weird thing now the new dvds the other labels they play fine in my computer but the first ones dont wich made me even more confused Maybe this video isnt the best setup for me and my mp4 videos ? i will ask my neighbor tomorrow to use her dvd player im really curious thanks sooo much for your help <3 ( do you have knowledge about these cd burners and stuff ? if i asked you is this one okay to rip exact audios with and or burn ) would you know ? this music question will haunt me till i know what are cheap dvds ? I have one of 6 bucks the image quality seems better then my 12 bucks ones buttt the 12 bucks are Re-writable And the 6 aint 6 bucks = philips 12 bucks = Hema
  2. if its the burner disc thingy..... Does this mean all the Cds i ripped in Wave could be lower then an exact extract too O_O???? now this story got even more layered
  3. OK then i have to buy a dvd player to check this i now use my playstation 2 and this computer ( with Super write master Speed plus Cd player burner thingy ) is it a problem that i turn the Mp4 Videos into a iso ? if its really the player this would suck haha id have 28 dvds with old shakira videos HAHA!
  4. but if this is true ? why is it every time i burn a other disc or other label disc the flickers come on the same moments ? and the other moments work well ? this seems to me to be highly unlikely if is the dvd player =[ when i play it back in the dvd player that made it then it does the same =[ it confuses me so much put 3 days in this :[ thanks for ur help <3 (Yess sorry i ment iso )
  5. Ive messed up allot of dvds like this bought new and other lables to see if thats the problem the only thing i can imagen now is that img burn does something wrong =[ ? Help anyone ?
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