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  1. While creating a UDF image of a hard drive, ImgBurn kept quitting out at the same point right after providing me with an error which was not listed in the log. The error says (paraphrasing) 'Cannot add file: duplicate filename'. I should have screenshotted the screen, but it's reproducible. After I zipped and removed the directory, ImgBurn continued on. Description: In the installed files from the game 'Algodoo', in the language directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Algodoo\data\language), some of the files use special characters and even have what appear to be duplicates. I have added the zip of the language directory to this post. I appreciate the layout of ImgBurn, btw. Although I have use of ISO creation of BD/DVD/CDs, my current use is creating data ISOs of hard drives as backups that I can mount when needed - ImgBurn makes this easier and makes less assumptions, which do not corner me into making disc ISOs, if that makes sense. Much faster at creating these extremely large tree images too! Thank you. Chaz Breese Respect1st Algodoo.language.zip
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