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  1. Thanks. I have the data arranged in ~<100GB "M-disc-[n]" folders with their respective sub-folder structures. So I just backup the 100GB folder "chunk".
  2. No, just restoring simple files, mainly photos and mov's. No image needed. Thanks
  3. While I have someone knowledgeable's attention: Can a "regular" BR player (or BR drive) read my M-discs? Or does it have to be M-disc compatible to read, too. Didn't know if these were "special" for read and write or just for writing. I don't have a normal player I can check with. Asking so I know what is necessary to have to do a restoral of the data in case of disaster.
  4. First burn of 98GB was successful with UDF (only) and 2.6. I didn't change any other settings except naming the disc label. Well, I can read it from the same drive anyway. Thanks again.
  5. Definitely read only is all I need. I'd assume M-discs were one way one time anyway. In any case, I'm writing with the intent of long term storage. Thanks you very much for the help.
  6. Filenames are just "normal" windows filenames, longer than 8 characters. Typical documents, executable, photo files. I would like them to be readable in Windows 7 but could live with 10+. What would change to make it compatible with Win 7 ? Thanks for the help.
  7. Long time imgburn user and contributor. About to burn my first M-disc. I have a LG full height player that says M-disc on it's front (Model BE16NU50). 100G M-disc, this will be a data file backup. What are the best settings to create this disc with? : Mode 1 or 2? UDF only or UDF+ISO9660, or something else? Which UDF revision? Anything else I need to know? Damn discs are pricey, I want to get it right on first try for obvious reasons.
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