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  1. @Ch3vr0n Nope i went through it slowly and made sure that i didnt install the bullshit viuses they advertise in the installer. @LIGHTNING UK! The official Image Burn website on Mirror 7
  2. I ran a scan yesterday when i first updated to Mbam premium trial and my PC had no threats and the only thing i downloaded since then was image burn. Soon as i installed it my PC kept saying it was loading something when it was idle and after 10 seconds mbam popped up saying it had deleted something. I ran a scan and this was the result. I am no longer going to use image burn if the founders believe in advertising adware and viruses. Image burn is a hufe software and im sure people would pay them money to advertise legit stuff. Just because virus founders offer more money that doesnt mean you should take it. Thats like selling drugs because you make more money then getting a job.
  3. I didnt accept the advert halfway through and when i finished installing it put bytefence antimalware, super-fast browser and chromium and chromium probably wasnt even the real google version probably some fake crap. I pressed do not accept the shit in the installer and i still had tons of shit on my PC. I understand why mbam deleted the installer and i had to add it to exceptions. Image burn please don't go down that road and only advertise things that you know are safe and legit. Also give the people installing it a choice whether they want it on there computer. You are probably loosing loads of people because they Anti virus is deleting the installer because of all the adware and stuff init.
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