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  1. Thanks for replying so quickly. So I take it the disc I burned in BurnAware but verified in ImgBurn was probably just verifying that the sectors were readable, as there was no image file to compare. Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but does successful verification (in ImgBurn) mean I can trust the integrity of the data written on the disc (in BurnAware) and delete the original files? Could a file get corrupted during the write process, but the disc still pass verification? I'm a bit skeptical of the other program's disc writing capabilities .
  2. If I burn a disc in a different program, but verify in ImgBurn, are ImgBurn's verification results valid, or is the verification process only valid for discs burned in ImgBurn? I'm honestly not completely clear on what the verification process is verifying- whether flaws in the physical disc, write errors, or differences between burned/original files. One program I burned in seems to have a completely different (and much longer and finickier) verifying process. When I wrote the developer to ask about it, all they said was "Our verification process differs from other burning software and takes much more time. In some situations Verify Tool is not able to read the file, but it does not mean the disc is corrupted."
  3. I know it's been asked over, and over, and over, and over ad infinitum over the years, but I can't hold my voice back any longer. After all these years of use, I've finally signed up just to ask- no, beg- for multisession. I've sacrificed so many discs trying alternative software that offers this function, but lacks basic, stable functionality. It's put me into this frustrating position, as I'm sure it has many others, of venturing out into the software wilderness hoping to find something better, all the while knowing there is no disc-burning software that even comes close to ImgBurn. I don't expect this to be the final drip that drives the author mad and convinces him to add this feature to the otherwise perfect application. I'm sure it's not an easy task. But I had to throw it out there. So tired and pissed losing my discs to the likes of BurnAware and AnyBurn.
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