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  1. the video_ts.ifo folder doesn't play from the dvd i burned from imgburn, but the video_ts.ifo folder does play from the folder that avs made from converting the video file.so this tells me it's imgburn at fault here
  2. i do encounter the menus. the menus show up,just when i click play nothing happens.and there is nothing wrong with my dvd drive my dvd burner is brand new, and it burns fine.i tried using other burners and i get the same result so i know its not the burner,the video_ts files play on both my hdd and my dvd copy so it burns them to the dvd fine. just for some reason it wont play in any dvd player after i burn it. amazing how im not the only one experiencing this problem yet you guys dont have a clue what is the cause of this
  3. i play the vob files from the dvd after i burned it, they play fine but the dvd itself wont play from the menu. i use avs video comnverter to make my video_ts folder to burn it on img.since there is nothing wrong with the disc im sure its imgburn causing it to not play.looks like im going to have to just play everything from usb sticks now because im just wasting discs and money
  4. i am using verbatim dvds and there is nothing wrong with my burner i have used it before and it bruns fine.it's brand new it's an lg burner.there is a video _ts ifo file in the dvd and the the video files in the dvd video)ts files do play on my pc but when i click the dvd to play the menu wont play.here is the log I 16:33:06 ImgBurn Version started! I 16:33:06 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition (6.1, Build 7601 : Service Pack 1) I 16:33:06 Total Physical Memory: 8,305,100 KiB - Available: 7,220,308 KiB I 16:33:06 Initialising SPTI... I 16:33:06 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 16:33:07 -> Drive 1 - Info: PLDS DVD-ROM DS-8D3SH HD14 (D:) (SATA) I 16:33:07 -> Drive 2 - Info: HL-DT-ST BD-RE BE12LU38 1.00-C1 (G:) (USB 2.0) I 16:33:07 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 BD-RE! I 16:33:34 Operation Started! I 16:33:34 Building Image Tree... I 16:33:34 Checking Directory Depth... I 16:33:34 Calculating Totals... I 16:33:34 Preparing Image... I 16:33:34 Checking Path Length... I 16:33:34 Contents: 8 Files, 2 Folders I 16:33:34 Content Type: DVD Video I 16:33:34 Data Type: MODE1/2048 I 16:33:34 File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 16:33:34 Volume Label: EW I 16:33:34 IFO/BUP 32K Padding: Enabled I 16:33:34 Region Code: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 I 16:33:34 TV System: NTSC I 16:33:34 Size: 2,971,025,408 bytes I 16:33:34 Sectors: 1,450,696 I 16:33:34 Image Size: 2,971,598,848 bytes I 16:33:34 Image Sectors: 1,450,976 I 16:33:37 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:00:02 I 16:33:37 Operation Started! I 16:33:37 Source File: -==/\/[BUILD IMAGE]\/\==- I 16:33:37 Source File Sectors: 1,450,976 (MODE1/2048) I 16:33:37 Source File Size: 2,971,598,848 bytes I 16:33:37 Source File Volume Identifier: EW I 16:33:37 Source File Volume Set Identifier: 54618431001623DE I 16:33:37 Source File Application Identifier: IMGBURN V2.5.8.0 - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER! I 16:33:37 Source File Implementation Identifier: ImgBurn I 16:33:37 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 16:33:37 Destination Device: [0:0:0] HL-DT-ST BD-RE BE12LU38 1.00 (G:) (USB) I 16:33:37 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: MCC 03RG20) I 16:33:37 Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 8x, 12x, 16x I 16:33:37 Destination Media Sectors: 2,297,888 I 16:33:37 Write Mode: DVD I 16:33:37 Write Type: DAO I 16:33:37 Write Speed: 4x I 16:33:37 Link Size: Auto I 16:33:37 Lock Volume: Yes I 16:33:37 Test Mode: No I 16:33:37 OPC: No I 16:33:37 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 16:33:37 Write Speed Successfully Set! - Effective: 5,540 KB/s (4x) I 16:33:38 Filling Buffer... (80 MiB) I 16:33:39 Writing LeadIn... I 16:34:14 Writing Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 1450975) I 16:34:14 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 1450975) I 16:43:16 Synchronising Cache... I 16:43:50 Exporting Graph Data... I 16:43:50 Graph Data File: C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BE12LU38_1.00_TUESDAY-MARCH-01-2022_4-33_PM_MCC_03RG20_4x.ibg I 16:43:50 Export Successfully Completed! I 16:43:50 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:10:12 I 16:43:50 Average Write Rate: 5,364 KiB/s (4.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 5,783 KiB/s (4.3x)
  5. i am having the same problem as you, dvd menu shows but the dvd wont play in a standalone dvd player or in my pc dvd player.the dvd folder if i open it up the video files in it play fine but when i burn them using img they dont play in the dvd, this is how i know its img's fault. also it shows no error when i am done burning i even do a verify and still it shows it was successful but when i try and play the dvd it only shows the menu and clicking play does nothing.
  6. i used to have imgburn but i deleted it so i could install a newer version since i was always getting an I/O error during burnings.and yes i made sure i deleted the folder in my programs.but it wont let me install the newer vers ion i get an error message saying imgburn has stopped working.please check online for a solution.
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