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  1. If i let the program set the speed on burning a bluray disc the result is strange the files cant be found on the computer it playes on ozzy players but on some USA and Uk but not all if i set it to 4 speed it appears to work well but again some usa wont play the original are made to usa usin multiavchd so please why id this happening the drive to burn them on panasonic
  2. well thanks you all but new informatin is at hand Im now using nero burn at full speed and geting perfect copies one after the other on ritek so then why not your burner program as its been a old faithfull for so many years and so easy
  3. sorry about the caps did not atke any notice of it before the question why all of a sudden should this happen as its been working well up to this point of time nothing change the movies are all the same the burner was cahnge 3 mths ago the mother boards and ram were updated and running at the correct speed imburn is the same the disc are the same i tried a differnt brand got one from BigW same result this is my point og lets look at the burner is this a way to change anythong related to that , sofware or installaion it shows in the bois and control pannel as working no problems iv double the amount of ram so thats out \ i will lower the burn rate tomorrow to the lowerst setting just for the test
  5. look fellows burning is nothing new to me and i know about disc batches but consider this every disc i burn now on DVDfab will run on explorer and and on a player without a problem every disc i burn on imburn now will not show on explorer the drice light to the burner stays alight in tring to find the start the disc will play on a normal player but they are either good or with problems to much a hit and miss some dont even start the batch cant be bad or defective if it record on DVDfab so there must be somthing no one has stumbled on as yet imburn showes it doing its job and no errors yet in the veriforcation there are , that must be a clue to someong surley
  6. thatnk for that but how do one explain how dvdfab make a great job of the same movies in bluray evry time and its only started to do this in your program \\ ther has to be something that neads correcting in imburn
  7. I have used these disc for a long time with your program all dvd burn well no problems its just lately thsi problem started \ look for file name in this log alamo cheyenne midway they all gave problems in burn yet all burn well in dvdfab but take forever ImgBurn.log
  8. I made you one but before i could copy the final pages it closed down in veriforcation if showed cant read errors but this should asist as it was what it was doing before veriforcation \
  9. THE STRANGE THING THE LOG SHOWS NOTHING UNUSUAL but will post \ the other strange thing once a bluray is burnt it showes in explorer only once and it shows its runable \but if one opens the drive and shuts it again then is nohing on the disc \\ and it cant be palyed by any installed player \ the problem is its costing to much to keep trying other burner programs work and dont give this problem DVDfab of good but so bloody slow as it has to copy the disc back to the hard drive first then it uses a real slow speed
  10. First i like to say i have enjoyed using this for years as a main program \ But a strange thing has developed and it cost me so many disc as i made the copies and just sent them out what happening is the copies are not showing a fault in the process and it showes finalised but they simply dont run looking at a copied disc in explore it shows nothing no files yetthe disc has the files on them \\ the crazy part is burning a dvd is good but not any blu-ray disc \
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