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  1. Hi A suggestion: Is it possible to make a function, where you can define several cue files, and then imgbrun analyze them afterwards and in the end creates the cue files. Ex define cd 1 CD 1 contains: 01.mp3 02.mp3 03.mp3 04.mp3 then define cd2 101.mp3 102.mp3 103 mp3. 104.mp3 etc. etc. When finished, press create cue files, whereafter imgburn analyzes the different files and make xx numbers of cuesheets. Regards Jesper
  2. You should be aware of that not all drives can read a wii disc. Have a look here: http://wiki.nintendo-scene.com/index.php?title=Wii_Disc_Backup
  3. That's just ..... perfect ... Thanx a lot :-) CU
  4. Ok, I like it open all the time so I can see the progress, and throw in a new file once in a while, thought it worked like a charm in
  5. The Queue window dissapears when it have burnt the first title in the queue. I've tried with both the option Queue window stay on top checked and unchecked - its the same either way. In vers. the queue window stayed open. CU
  6. Wow, great update. Personally I think it would be nice to have an option like "auto generate label" perhaps under settings/build where you could turn this option on/off - or perhaps under labels in build mode. CU
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