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  1. hmm, that's odd. here is what mine looked like... as you can see, it talks about ImgBurn at the top, then has a "Click Here Download ImgBurn" link right below it. it had another smaller download button below, but as it said it has a Download Manager in it (see the small text), i preferred the NON-Download Manager one...which obviously had a "Download Manager" of sorts anyways. i can tell from YOUR picture that what i clicked on was actually just an AD, but as you can see in MY picture, there was no indication that it was an ad. it honestly looks like this Digital Digest site is letting their advertisers mislead their visitors. it doesn't seem like the kind of link you would want as your #1 mirror. it doesn't look like any ofthe other options on the Mirrors list do that (though MajorGeeks still requires 2 downloads to get the installer for some reason...)
  2. i did that already. i was just letting...SOMEONE know that one of the links on the ImgBurn website led to useless garbage. what i clicked on was the first link on imgburn.com's Download page, which i linked to in my first post. it was Mirror 1. that took me to a page that said Setup_ImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe and below that: Click here Download ImgBurn with a down arrow in a circle next to it. if there is a different link to download it, perhaps imgburn.com should link to THAT instead, since this installer clearly doesn't do anything.
  3. The Digital-Digest installer here: https://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download After running, it says it created a PHP file to run to "Install ImgBurn" (is that not what an "Installer" is supposed to do???). If you click the Install Now button at the bottom, it only opens the PHP file, and displays the code from it, because of course, you need a PHP server to run PHP code, and what self-respecting denizen of freeware DOESN'T have a PHP server running in the background 24/7? Even if I rename the file to .HTM, it just opens a slightly "broken" Digital Digest webpage with no installer or download that I could see (see pic 2). I think you need to have a talk with your benefactor, and ensure that they are using a more viable "installer". You know, like one that actually INSTALLS something?
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