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  1. Well as far as I am aware Eset and Avast are more or less on par with each other. So thanks, I will run several scans just to be on the safe side.
  2. Is avast considered to be a decent one?
  3. Fair enough but I did run the manager by accident so I wanted to know what is in it or at least whether its safe.
  4. So is the manager actual malware or is it just a false positive?
  5. Hello, I recently tried to download the latest imgburn version through the mirror on digital digest. I downloaded it in accordance to instruction from here but it still downloaded some bizarre installer called "ImgBurn_digitaldigest.exe". It did not install imgburn, instead it created some index.php file(which I promptly deleted) and asked me to download again IMGburn files. After scanning that installer with virustotal it came out as loaded with malware. I am not sure if it managed to install something extra or if my avast managed to stop it but I feel that something that has this many red flags is not safe as a distribution method.
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