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  1. Canada. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00029U1DK/ are the Verbatim I picked up. These coaster about 50% or so of all burns after using half the spindle. They're also so thin that you can see right through them - label and all, which is odd as I hadn't seen that before. I ended up throwing these out as if I can't rely on the disk, what good are they? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/125007836583 are the TDK I picked up. I was kinda hopeful for these, lol. At least I haven't coastered one yet out of the 4-5 I've tried. Not see-through thankfully. https://www.amazon.ca/Verbatim-94755-DataLifePlus-Printable-Recordable/dp/B0001LS35W/ are what you're talking about? I've seen the AZO dye stuff on DVD-Rs which I have a set of but wasn't sure on the CD-Rs. Will have to burn through these ones I already have and try those next if so.
  2. Hello, I still use CD-R media for backups of retro DOS games on computers too old for DVDs. I've been trying to find media not made by CMC as I get way too many coasters from those. Tried a pack of maxell from Amazon, all CMC. Tried a pack of Verbatim from Amazon, all CMC. Tried a pack of TDK from ebay, all CMC (although these ones are at least not partially transparent like the other two). Are there any non-CMC disks left?
  3. Appreciate the response That is weird with the ISOs, mine seems to fail just about every one regardless of what it is. I think I'll go for that drive then and just change to BD-REs. Probably better anyways so I can wipe and re-burn the backup instead of doing a whole new disk.
  4. Hello, I currently have an old WH14NS40 from a very long time ago that fails to burn BD-R DL (VERBAT-IMf-000) disks quite often. It's been through it's paces and I'm looking to replace it. My primary use for the drive is for backups. I read that the newer WH16NS40 still has the problem but the WH16NS60 seems to be what's usually recommended. What I'm wondering is that if they've fixed the BD-R DL issues or not with it or are there any other drives out now that are better? I primarily burn BD-R DL and BD-R disks (as well as CD-Rs for a few retro machines but that doesn't seem to be a concern), rarely DVDs anymore. Thanks :)
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