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  1. I have been using this Asus drive for about 8 months with no problems until now, its burnt a few hundred DVDs so hasn’t done bad. Sorry if I am being a bit stupid but what does MCC stand for.
  2. The discs I use are Verbatim 43533 (AZ.) I burn DVDs on two computers but have only had complaints about ones burnt on the one PC, so I assume it’s the optical drive that’s faulty which I am going to replace. One disc I burnt was tested on two DVD players connected to TVs and it skips at the same place about 14 minutes. I put this faulty one in my second PC and run verify and it passed ok I cannot understand why no faults were found. Hopefully changing the drive will solve my burning problems, but I am worried that I have to wait until my customers complain that I will know that I have a problem, I thought that “verify” would give me a warning. I have attached the log files for you to see. ImgBurn.log
  3. I have been contacted by two of my customers to say that the DVDs I sent them are skipping and jumping. As a test I have burnt (with verify selected) a Verbatim DVD-R. On a separate player it plays ok for about 30 minutes then skips and jumps, I have tried it on another player and got the same results. I have run verify on IMGBurn comparing this faulty disc to the ISO file on my three computers and it passes ok on each of them. The same batch of DVDs burn ok on my other computers. I am going to replace the optical drive but am worried that the verify function does not seem to be working and I might be sending out faulty DVDs in the future, am I doing something wrong.
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