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  1. Thanks LIGHTNING UK! You are right. I uninstalled madFlac and reinstalled. It's working with the CDDA FLACs now. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ok, I have converted the FLAC files to 16/44KHz CDDA format and now I have another problem putting them into a Cue List. If I convert them to WAVs they work fine. I have madFlac 1.1 installed and it registered ok. I tried this with CD formatted FLACs from another folder and I get the same result. Any ideas?
  3. Oh yes of course. I had forgotten CDDA was 16/44Khz. Thanks for your quick replay.
  4. Hi, I have been using this amazing program for years without any major issues. However I have now a folder of 24/96 Hi-Res files that bring up an error when attempting to load them into a new Cue List. "ConnectFilers Failed! No combination of intermediate filters found." I had no idea how to access the log file while this was happening. After closing the error windows I went to settings and opened the Log Files folder but it was empty. I hope you can help. Regards,
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