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  1. Firstly, apologies if this is a little long for a first post. I have a question regarding the volume serial number that I understand is burnt to each DVD / Blu Ray disk on creation. I am gradually archiving all our paper documents as PDF's and when I have filled a Blu Ray MDisk I use Wincatalog to catalog all the files on the disk. Then I add the catalog and a portable version of the viewer to the disk and finalize. The problem with this is that in finalizing the disk it appears that a new serial number is written to the disk which is derived from the date and time on the real-time clock on the current computer at the time of a disk's formatting. This means that the catalog that is burnt to that disk references the wrong serial number and the internal links to view the files wont work. The format of the serial numbers used by Wincatalog to identify volumes are like this: CA2C-60B4 So my question is this. Is there any way of setting this serial number or better still, have the software use the number that was generated at the time that the initial files were added - ie not change that number when finalizing the disk? This would mean that the disk serial number stored in the catalog would be correct and files would launch from within the catalog reader included on the archive disk. I hope that this is clear. I may have made some incorrect assumptions here and so any help / guidance / correction would be mot appreciated. Geoff.
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