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  1. Maybe I understood that wrong but I didn't intend to blame IB for the problems. I'm just asking question as I'm new to this and want to learn why things like this could happen. The drive does seem to have a problem reading the disc and disconnects but only in case that the speed is x3 or max (as far as I've try). If the speed is x5, no problem. The log is the same that I sent. But I don't think is really helpful, as @lightinguk said:
  2. Hi again everyone, I know its late but I got news and I think maybe somebody will find it helpful. As I said I bought a new copy. It arrived and the copy went smoothly, no errors. So the problem may be on the disc. Now, as I also said my fat PS2 could read it but ImgBurn did something weird and even disconnected from the drive when an error occurred with this disc. This is all info we already knew. Now: I notice this disc and another one that is also making trouble are kind of different. The discs seems fine. When read by IB I noticed that it displays different speeds. Usually for PS2 games is x4 but these one has x3. I tried to copy with x3 or max speed but the problems occurred. I tried another app (Alcohol) and I did have a copy but it didn't worked in the emulator. After more thinking and testing I've manage to get a functional copy. What a did: In IB, I put these settings: Instead of x3, I used x5. I don't know why but the app ignore this slowest setting. If I use x3, it would start ripping at more speed (usually x6, x7, etc.) and I found that strange. When I used x5 this didn't happen. It stood always in a slow speed never faster than x5. I also checked "Ignore Read Error" and "Software Retries" to 1. After all this, I had a ISO with no errors or disconnections. The final ISO worked. I know read speed should not matter but for these type of PS2 games it seems to affect. Does this make sense to you guys?
  3. My drive is: ASUS BW-16D1HT. I don't know if that is a slim drive. I'll try to check if everything is correctly connected in the PC (although I'm not very good with hardware).
  4. Hi again, I ordered a new copy but I found something weird about this. After reading what you said about your fat model I realize I have both the slim and fat models but I was doing tests only with the slim. I connected the fat PS2 and the disc is read but the slim does not read it. Shouldn't the PC also read it?
  5. Yeah it seems the problem is in the disc. Sad. The disc seems unpolluted... Agh. I tried what you said and when copying the DVD an error occurs: "Invalid MS-DOS function". So it is probably the disc. I'll buy another one. I think we can close this topic. Thank you really much for your help.
  6. Thank you both for your help. This is the copypasted log: https://pastebin.com/A7Pw5mBi I'll also upload it as an attachment. I must say that I unpacked my PS2 and even the console can't read it anymore :(. So maybe @dbminter was right. ImgBurn.log
  7. Hi guys, I need some help. I'm backing up my media collection. I've backup BDs, DVDs and CDs. Now I'm doing the same with my PS2 games and PS3 games but with some specific PS2 games I'm having problems. In this post is about a specific game: When backing up the ISO the program "stops" with this error: "Device Not Ready (Invalid Field in CDB)". It doesn't happen in any other game and this same disc was backup by me 1 year ago. Surfing the web people recommend updating the firmware. Done that. Also many say this is a problem with the drive but any other disc is backed up with no problem. Any clue? Thanks in advance.
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