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  1. I finally found a way to solve this problem. I just found Sony's description of CDT files and found that CDT files support MS-JIS Japanese characters.Because Japanese characters originated in Chinese ,MS-JIS Contains the vast majority of Chinese characters. http://www.sonydadc.com/file/cdtext.zip Orz ,This is a very old software. It can only be opened with Windows 95. Well, I can only give up.
  2. You are right. but I still want to see if there are other possibilities. I tested it again. I burned the CD directly in the chinese environment. ImgBurn showed that reading the song label was normal, but it was garbled in foobar2000. I see the same error charaters in the car. Basically, it can be judged that it is the same problem. The good news is that I don't have to go back to the garage to test, as long as the recorded CD can be displayed normally in foobar2000.
  3. I tried it again just now, use a UTF-16LE CUE file write in another disc. the ImgBurn work fine like the picture left , but when I cheak the disc , still display wrong charaters. Where did I set it wrong?
  4. My gut feeling is that this problem is very strange, because when I make a mp3/aac/wma disc, all ID3 tags display correct. And other USB flash drive with mp3/wav/flac files also display correct. Of course, I can use my phone to play songs via Apple Carplay or Bluetooth connection, And the Lexus have done a lot of local design, it can even support Baidu Carlife & Huawei Hicar,And a lots of other designs that comply with Chinese road safety standards. I'm confused why this issue is only on audio CDs. ------- Just now, I found that the problem in the first picture attached above is that the use of UTF-8 caused an error, in Windows 11, it needs to be modified to UTF-16LE.
  5. Hello , I am new to burn some Chinese discs for my new Lexus car bought from Japan. At first. I use ImgBurn in Windows 11 chinese version ,and everythings is OK . But when I played the CDs in car , all discs show wrong song titles. Then I use ImgBurn in Windows 11 English version , when I open the CUE sheet with notepad , I found that CUE files show wrong characters like this: Now ,I know this problem is because of CUE file used a wrong character encoding schemes.When we use the Notepad in Windows 11 chinese version ,ANSI automatically decoded to GB2312. But in a Windows 11 english version , the ANSI encoding does not display chinese or japanese. I consulted Lexus customer service and they said that the CAR's CD player can only support ANSI decoding mode , excludes Chinese GB2312 or even Japanese shift-jts.(The Lexus brand is mainly sold to North America) At the beginning I open a CUE file made by ImgBurn Chinese version in ImgBurn English version, shows "File doesn't Exsist" "File name Ëï¶-¼ÅįµÄÒ¹(µÚÒ»Ò¹CD1.wav". Then when I create a new CUE file in the English version of ImgBurn and select "Save as Type: CUE File - Unicode", although the new CUE file shows the correct characters in Notepad, however there still display wrong characters when I click "view image information" like the attach picture 1. And When I used the UTF-8 format to save CUE files in Windows 11 chinese version, the burned CD was also read as "???????" like the attach picture 2. I hope there is a good way to solve this problem, thank you very much!
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