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  1. Hi: I tried the Movavi program and the same thing happens. So far I have had no luck getting support from them because their chat thing won't load.
  2. Actually, I have done just that with these slide show files in the past but as a CD which works work fine. I went to update the files using Nero 9 and it seems to work out beautiful until I looked at my slides. Believe it ot not, the updated files when downloaded into Nero to make my DVD are now reversed in order of play yet the music plays normal. I then tried the obvious which was to download the reversed files to make my disk. it seemed to work OK but I found that my slides now have badly a degraded image quality. Grrrrr! I Corresponded with Nero support for several weeks on this and all they want to do is sell me new software. I went to Best Buy's Geek Squad and they told me about your software and I made the DVD Disk which is missing the launch icon for the second file. If I go directly the VOB files with Windows Explorer I find that it will play just great if launched using that method so I now know that both files are actually on my disk. Your suggestion to try another software download seems like a good one. Thanks
  3. I have burned 2 slideshows onto the same disk and I can play either on my computer by clicking it's VOB file. I can find no way to access and play the second slideshow on my player because it's launch button does not appear while the first slideshow's icon does appear and works OK.
  4. I burned 2 slideshows onto a DVD. The icon to launch the second file will not show up on my screen nor can I find a menu command on my DVD player to make it appear. Nero Showtime says that I do not have a valid DVD Video, S-VCD, or VCD Structure and it will not display either Icon. I can run either slideshow from my DVD drive in Windows Explorer by clicking on the appropriate file name. I tried creating que files but I cannot manage to burn both of them onto the same disk because the program ejects and asks for a second disk for the second slideshow. I think that what I really need is the location of whatever instructions will tell me how to burn both of my slideshows onto the same disk and in a way that displays both icons so that I can launch either one of them.
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