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  1. Solved. Audio archive is 8 years old and during this period all folders of THIS archive had received unknown malware comment "dvdvideosoft.com" which sounds as unpleasant audio glitch. Imgburn considers this MP3 file comment tag as part of audio. Interestingly next mp3 archive folder on this drive is free of these tags. Sample "commented" mp3 in attachment, if it could help to improve already perfect Imgburn. sample.zip
  2. IMGBURN 5.8, Windows 7. Cue files created of mp3 files. First audio CD burnt to Verbatim Disc ID: 97m17s06f, Moser Baer India - no problem. (Attached cue 1) Next audio CD without closing and reopening IMGBURN burnt to Traxdata Disc ID: 97m15s17f, Ritek C - there is loud disturbing crackling sound between each track (Attached cue 2) After failure burnt this twice but same problem. Any ideas why 2nd audio CD fails? Mp3's from archive are both created with same PC from original CD's. ImgBurn - audio_err.log 1.cue 2.cue
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