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  1. Thanks for the reply, log above, seems its skipping the data
  2. Ive copied the folder from the new PC to another PC (same network) and then tried burning - thats fine. So must be some issue within WIndows?
  3. When adding the folder to the disc layout section, only the folder is written, no data. If you then check within that folder there's no data. I think also its a permission problem, but have sent the folder to shared/full permission so not sure where to go
  4. Been using the software for years, no problems, burning from drives both attached, USB and network locations. Got a new PC, tried burning the contents over the network and got the attached picture stating there's 0 sectors. The folder (a video_ts folder of around 4GB). If you try and burn it, the result isnt playable (as the relevant data isnt copied). If you copy the folder from the network location from that new pc to another, the sector info is SHOWN and burns fine. Any ideas?!!
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