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  1. Not to step into fire, but I'm curious is there a target release date for the next public/stable version? Keep up the great work 👍
  2. This is fantastic!! Thank you 🙏 Is it too early to say approx when the next ImgBurn build will be released?
  3. It's likely that ImgBurn will receive no more updates since it's been 9 years? Either way I love the app! If there is an update, I'm hoping you would be open to adding support for mounting cue files that utilize "CDI" mode as defined in the CDRWIN CUE specifications (mmc3r10g specifications, page 223, Table 240 - Disc Type Byte Format). Essentially - adding support for this cue type: FILE "track1.bin" BINARY TRACK 01 CDI/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00 This is the proper spec for Philips CD-i cue files. Currently such cue files need to be manually edited to replace "CDI" with "MODE2" to get them to burn. I was initially hesitant to make such a request because it admittedly IS an easy userside fix, but as a Philips CD-i afficionado I'm often seeing users complain that they can't burn their CD-i .bin files even though the "CDI" is proper for the cues to use in this instance, and there are thousands of Philips CD-i bin/cues out in the wild. Thank you guys for this fantastic piece of software!
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