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  1. Thank you for your insight! Drive Letter enumeration didn't seem to fix it entirely either, I still had it occur once or twice, so I'll change it back to the default! I think I may have narrowed it down to having either BDInfo or MakeMKV opened up (and still open) between burns. IIRC MakeMKV opens some really "direct" I/O handles, similar to the way AnyDVD does, but it doesn't prompt an automatic warning from ImgBurn to disable it so I always forget to close it. Funny thing is I've only recently been using MakeMKV to access BD file structures already on my hard drive and not for ripping the discs themselves. I've yet to have a burn getting stuck on "Querying Device Advanced Settings..." or the OPC step when both programs were closed.
  2. I've experiencing the same issue @quah reported here. Since I'm using an external Blu-Ray drive, I don't have to restart my computer to get ImgBurn working again though. I do still have to kill it using Task Manager, but if I unplug the drive and plug it back in, it works fine again. To try and troubleshoot, I changed the default SPTI option and made it address the drive by Letter, see the screenshot below. I also added AWS profiles for the types of media I use that default to the actual maximum speed of those discs instead of leaving them at AWS (MAX) - so it now says AWS (6x) or AWS (4x) etc. That appears to have fixed it, I'm pretty sure it was the SPTI change that did it though. I've burnt a half dozen discs since then without closing ImgBurn and it hasn't gotten stuck on the "Querying Device Advanced Settings..." prompt a single time since then. Before it would get stuck every other disc I tried to burn. PIONEER BD-RW BDR-XD05 3.01 (D:) (USB) Source Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: VERBAT-IMf-000) But it also happened with MEI-T02-001 Panasonic media, CMCMAG Verbatim media, and any media I've tried really. I haven't checked my other machine with an internal Pioneer (BDR-212U something or another) drive yet.
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