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  1. Hello. At first, I'm sorry, my english is bad because i'm spanish, i wait you can stand me. I have a DVDR with Stains (view photos) and this DvD is for me very important (DVD Video), and the data is unrecovery, imgburn mark error in much sectors. In DVD Player (on TV), the 70 % of DVD is readed perfectly, but in my NEC 4550 DVDRW drive not, (LG DVDRom is best?) Here photos (CLICK IN THE IMAGES TO ZOOM) I think "You help me" and think what IMGBURN (WITH A CORRECT CONFIGURATION) can do a backup of my DVD. Too, i liked what recommende to me a DVDRW and a DVDRom. Thanks you by to be comprensive. Greeting. And i repeat: "I am sorry, my english is very bad".
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