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  1. As my edit got no replies, is there any chance of my 'feature request' seeing the light of day?
  2. Oh ok, I'll look into it. Thanks both. Edit: Not wanting to drone on, but would it be considered as suggested?
  3. That would only apply if I wanted to burn the same files repeatedly, wouldn't it blutach? I've never saved a project to be honest, so I don't really know. As suggested, saving File System type, and then forgeting all about it would be a killer feature.
  4. Hi. Did a search but couldn't find this one. It'd be great if you imgburn would allow you to save which filesystems you want to use as default, for particular media codes or disc type. I use ISO9660 and Joliet for cd's, and ISO9660/UDF 1.02 for dvd's. Not a big deal, but a welcome addition for me. Cheers.
  5. This may be of help doctadas: Taiyo Yuden FAQ Edit: Different link.
  6. Yep, 'custom' is fine. cheers. Edit: Good stuff LUK.
  7. Hi. Imgburn keeps defaulting to my Documents folder when reading iso's. I have set 'most recently used' as below with no effect. Anyone else having this? cheers
  8. Thanks Lightning. I'll read to .iso and be done with it.
  9. Thanks blutach. Read and write it is then. One more question: does reading to .img/.bin offer any advantages over reading to .iso? thanks Edit: LUK, These files are all avi's, flac's, mp3's. No dvd video. Does that make a difference?
  10. Thanks mmalves. I thought that dvd-rom booktyped dvd+r's behaved better when using udf only. If that is not the case then reading as .iso, and then burning would be far easier for me. These discs will only be used as backups of my dvd-r's, and only read on a computer. If I can just read to iso/img/bin, that would be great. Edit: No particular reason for UDF 1.50, thought that might be better than 1.02
  11. Hi all, and thanks LUK for the great new version I have a load of dvd-r's burnt with imgburn, using iso9660 and udf 1.02 filesystems. I'd like to read these using imgburn and then burn them on to dvd+r as UDF 1.50 only. I have tried reading as iso but no option is given for how to burn the new file. Would I have better luck using .img/.bin? Failing that, would there be any problem burning on to dvd+r with the original filesystems? I seem to remember people had bother with dvd-rom booktyped +r's that had both the above filesystems on a disc. Many thanks.
  12. anybody? Am i the first person to want to know whats on my dvd's? Does everyone else just have a big pile of discs and goes through each one trying to find what they are looking for??? Don't make me ask on another forum goddammit
  13. hi all. I am a user of mpeg audio collection: http://mac.sourceforge.net/ for those of you that have never used it, it scans any cd or dvd for audio files and builds a database of everything. I am after something similar that will do the same with all file types. cheers for any help.
  14. thanks lightning. will give that a go.
  15. is there a way for imgburn to detect a drop in write speed that may need investigating? I've noticed a few times when burning (@8x) that the speed drops down to 3-4x for a while and the drive makes some weird sounds. speed then picks up back to 8.1x. I'm only using taiyo yuden TYG02 discs by the way. in summary: can imgburn produce a small summary along the lines of: 'write completed. burnt successfully, speed drops detected. you should scan this disk to ensure quality.' cheers
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