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  1. Turns out the issue corrects itself after reboot. So it doesn't work initially after install, but if you reboot it corrects itself. Still odd as this wasn't the case in older versions as far as I can tell. Anyway thanks for the responses!
  2. In v2.5.3.0 and earlier dragging of files from explorer to imgburn worked fine, but no longer working in v2.5.4.0. I'm on Win7 x64, in build mode I use to be able to drag a folder or file from explorer and drop it in the source window, and in the queue window you could drag an iso and drop it to add to the queue. This is no longer working whether I install imgburn resetting previous settings, or not resetting, and I have tried it on 2 different machines, unfortunately both running the same OS.
  3. I'm using an sh-s203n with patched firmware sb02, however I have rolled back to unpatched sb00 and i still get the same error. I'm burning on high quality taiyo yuden dvd+r and it only happens on certain images. W 02:40:32 Potential 'WaitImmediateIO' Deferred Error - (99%, 0/3) - Program Memory Area Update Failure W 02:40:32 Finalise Disc Failed! - Reason: Program Memory Area Update Failure W 02:40:32 Retrying (1 of 3)... I hope it's an error in imgburn that can be corrected and not a hardware issue as I really like these Samsung burners.
  4. It is working for me now, and the only thing I have done since is disabled UAC, I will try turning it back on (requires restart) and see if that is what was causing the problem, anyway thanks for looking into it, and sorry for the trouble.
  5. Just upgraded to Vista 64-bit was running XP 64-bit prior, anyway dragging and dropping of images is not working in Vista 64-bit, either when dragging them to the main ImgBurn window, or the ImgBurn Queue window. Also another feature that would be nice, been wishing for this since back in the DVD Decrypter days, the ability to read an image off a disk in one drive and either burn it on the fly to a second drive, or read to hard drive from one drive first and then burn the image to a second drive, all automated.
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