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  1. what would suggest for a simple program just for burning audio?
  2. does it need to covert the files to ISO and then burn or does it burn data files straight to the disc... i have to re-check it all we need is audio support and I can completely get rid of NERO once and for all
  3. This is a longshot but I was wondering if you have any intentions to write a new piece of software for DATA cd / dvd burning. I know there are plenty out there but they are all so bloated it's crazy. If there were only something so simple and power as IMGBurn but for DATA/AUDIO. I was looking around and found a program called "Small CD-Writer". The program is brilliant but it's written in Russian and the author made no comments of doing an english version. Some fans loved it so much they took one version and translated in english. Since then the software has been updated but not the english counter-part. The best part of this software is it's extremely SMALL (321 KB). If you decide to write something like it and called it DataBURN it's be perfect and replace NERO or other bloated burning suites. They'll be the perfect pair together. I don't know how hard coding is but this seem pretty simple and with your knowledge you can to it into something 10x better and more powerful. Here are some screens so you can get an idea of what this app looks like: Is this something you might be interested in or is there zero chance you do something like this? I want to know if there's hope
  4. WHat's so funny about that? I don't mate what is so funny about it? Why don't you read other posts on the board and do a little research about the author and you will see why the request is quite humorous. So you're saying if he adds an ISO->READ button to copy an UNPROTECTED DISC it is illegal? I know there are other programs to create an ISO file but don't you agree it'll be easier and less time consuming to be able to create an ISO and burn it with the same program, imgburn?
  5. WHat's so funny about that?
  6. It'll be nice to add the function to create ISO in imgburn instead of using other software. It'll be nice to have it all-in-one, create images and burn them. I hope this gets considered.
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