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  1. I stumbled across a solution. It appeared that this was more than just ImgBurn - other applications did the same thing, displaying deleted files in the drop down (as well as files not within the directory). It was just the list of Recently Used Files, even though I "disabled" the "Store and Display" recently used programs and files when I set up my new machine. To solve, I enabled "Store and Display" and then disabled "Store and Display", and this problem disappeared. I wonder if this is a "bug" or a "feature"? I figure, if I say don't store and display, it shouldn't store and display.
  2. I'll try that again. I'm pretty sure I ran it a few times since these were created. I don't know if you've been using Vista, but there is a lot of weird stuff going in there. Sometimes I've deleted or moved a file from a directory, and used an application which was able to find and open the file I moved or deleted. For example, I moved my DU Meter log.csv file out of its directory, but OpenOffice (calc) was able to find and open it in the old directory anyway- and it was a different version (different data content) from the file I moved! So who knows where Vista could be squirreling things away - it is truely a mystery to me. Wish I had the option to order my Dell with either XP or Linux!!!
  3. Well, I searched the registry several times. None of the filenames can be found with regedit. Also, I couldn't find anything close to the entries that you noted. I hate Vista.
  4. It's in the "file name" section of the Open file dialog. You hit the arrow and get the drop down. It may be because of the "V"-word (Vista). You never know what it is saving, or where it is saving. This stuff has been deleted for weeks. ANd I can't find it anywhere.
  5. I tried that. Tried both Clear Src MRU List and Clear Dest MRU List, but they keep showing up. (I even unistalled and reinstalled)
  6. In ImgBurn when I select File, then "Browse for a file", when I get the Open window (with File of type "All Supported Files"), if I hit the arrow in File name, I get a drop down list of every ISO I ever processed. These files are all deleted. The window itself doesn't show the files, just the File name drop down. These are physically deleted. I searched my disk (including hidden and system files) and can't find them. Any ideas on how to clear? I cleared recent, deleted the log, and I can't fine any references in the registry. Any clues? Thanks.
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