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  1. I guess I'm still confused a bit then, because when I just switched from TYG02s to TYG03s, I got two successful burns / compares on different drives after six failures. I did not reboot the machine or exit the application. I burned 8x with both media. Guess I should toss out the TYG02. Hadn't had a problem with that media before.
  2. I used to assume that anything with a compare failure was a coaster, but I got six in a row today and decided to do the comparison on another machine with DVDInfoPro. The results came back between 92 and 99 percent, scores which I believe will playback fine in a standard DVD player. So it would help me to know more specifically how a compare failure tracks with a PIE/PIF/POF or whatever. The answer or links to the answer would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I've checked the guide and FAQ, and the answer isn't obvious just yet. I've downloaded a bootable ISO image file that I'd like to read, add some files to, and then burn. What's the easy way to do that with ImgBurn, or what utility should I be looking at for this purpose?
  4. Every time, long burn or short. I've changed my mind. I'm going to install the trial version of DVDInfoPro. I've downloaded it. I'm sure there's a link somewhere that tells me all the stuff it does better than a Nero scan, right? I've really cooled off on later versions of Nero. Nero 6 hit me with almost two thousand registry key changes. It's become this horrific bloated thing compared to what it once was. Now it wants to do and be everything. Just give me (ImgBurn), or another similar, bulletproof little burning program, relatively free of dependencies. If DVDInfoPro is wonderful, what's $20 in the long run?
  5. I'm usually happy when I discover that I only need to stop doing something dumb in order to obtain a good result, but your reply so far has not helped me where (under what menu) you think I turned a particular option "ON", or what the name of that option was. Now I have to guess. Under the "FILE" pulldown, I DID NOT (ever) select the option "Display Graph Data using DVDInfoPro. Better yet, it would be nice if that option were entirely "grayed out" for people that don't have that software installed. Under Tools->Settings->Graph Data, I don't see a setting for DVDInfoPro. If I uncheck "capture processor usage" will that make my problem go away? Hmmm. This still begs the question of why it does successfully finish if you just let it sit for 10-15 minutes at the end of all processing. Losing access to the drive for extended periods of time is no fun. There's nothing in the log telling me what's up. I'll have to substitute a different image than the one supplied, since by the time I went to clip it, the program timed out (quit messing up?) and the screen changed. Other than this one problem the program has performed flawlessly. FYI, I have made many donations to freeware authors for this quality of work. References available upon request.
  6. After completing either the burning or verification pass, the program appears to stall with the "Graph Data" message in the status (bottom) line. Before today I had just waited a good while and then killed the program thread to get back the DVD. It really seemed to be dead. When I finally decided to post the problem to this board, I left the screen up while I was completing the board registration. So we're talking about 5-10 minutes. Then the program finally timed out and kicked over into the next phase: "Please insert next disk ... And I clicked on the "Graph Data" icon and got this message: Sorry, I've tried hard but cannot locate your installation of DVDInfoPro. Do you want to locate it manually. Note: If you don't have a copy yet, visit .... Anyway, the whole capture looks like this: Since it's a clip of a screen shot I don't know how the picture will reproduce on your system. You may have to select "view image" or something to be able to read all the text. I'm guessing that I have to go into some configuration screen and tell it that I have no intention of installing this other program. In any event, when a program isn't going to be able to resolve something instantly, it would probably be good to have it pop up a window with an option to skip the step, or give a more accurate explanation for whatever is happening in the status line so that the user doesn't think it's just totally hung.
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