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  1. mmm...I've never been called an advert before - worse most of the time! Someone helped me out with my problem - so thanks all.... That was an ImgBurn error as It cannot read Encrypted dvd's and has no keys. Or are you just and advert ?
  2. Just to clarify the original errors were reported by DVD Decrypter, not ImgBurn....DVD Fab managed to backup successfully Thanks all.... Yes and No. Yes, it seems there is a new form of copy protection on that and other recent Sony DVDs. See this story : New Sony DVDs Not Working In Some Players No, that has nothing to do with the problem you saw with ImgBurn - which is simply that ImgBurn will not by design read any copy-protected DVDs.
  3. My interpretation (Humble and naieve thought it is) is that this is simply an inability to deal with a newer encryption code/technique. Other programs (per this thread) do manage to backup this DVD.
  4. Hi - receive this when trying to create .iso from DVD: Read of scrambled sector without authentication Is this security I won't get around or a genuine problem with the media? Thanks - newbie...
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