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  1. Thanks LUK! ... now that you mention it, I feel kinda dumb for not going into PPT and checking the export options (PPT not something I normally use either) ... FFF
  2. ianymaty ... whoops! JPGs are supported by DVDStyler as a slideshow (I haven't figured out how to determine or control the image pause duration, but that is a minor point at this stage) ... I missed that ... However, I did come across a couple of file type problems: added MOV files appear with a 'Prohibition sign' (red circle with diagonal red line through a blue musical note) in the lower right corner of the icons ... presumably, there is a problem of some kind with those files - what might that be? edit: the 1st MOV file encountered during a DVDStyler Burn > preview caused transcoding to fail: pipe:-1: Operation not permitted Error transcoding of C:\Documents and Settings\ ... \P1011110.MOV I thought maybe the Prohibition sign was simply warning me there would be no audio, however, there seems to be more to it than that ... Also, a PPT file I want played back is not visible in the DVDStyler File browser and cannot be added to my project ... is there a way to transition it into a useful format? Thanks, FFF
  3. ianymaty ... thank you for steering me to those programs ... I've located and downloaded both and I'm knee-deep as far as checking for supported file formats in both of them now ... I don't see still pictures / photos in the JPG format mentioned anywhere for either ... do you think they can deal with those as well, or is there some other basic transition that needs to occur first? Thanks again, FFF
  4. Hey all ... I agreed to take on a media production task for my all-volunteer Delta Marine Rescue Society group (they support our local Royal Canadian Marine Search And Rescue station, Station 8 - Delta, RCM•SAR formerly being the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific), not realizing I was a little out of my depth now that I have rounded up various media from various members and sources. The object is to burn one DVD (or a DVD DL disc [i have some good Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x media I an use], if neccesary, based on final aggregate size of media collected) that can be left on continuous playback in a pub fundraiser event environment. I will likely have to hook a laptop up to a largescreen TV and may or may not have access to their DVD player, if they have one onsite, however, not knowing if that option is available or will work out, I should plan on the laptop playback solution. The realization I have come to is that I have all these different file formats and have not had a lot of luck searching out playback s/w that will do everything I want. Could I solicit some ideas here in the forums for a solution, that, I believe, will eventually involve the use of ImgBurn to create the finished disc. Thanks for any help offered, FFF
  5. OK LUK ... thanks ... Since I'd hate to waste more DL media testing the DVD+R DL vs. DVD-ROM Booktype theory with my particular Blu-Ray player, I'll pursue the BD Rebuilder (Doom9 Forum) angle and get back to this thread if I can nail down the read/playability issue. Thanks again, FFF
  6. ... bump and update ... CyberLink came across with PowerDVD 9 Ultra (& an Update to it), which now plays BD media on the Toshiba laptop but is still failing with an 'Error code: 0012' (graphics driver non-support [or conflict]) when attempting to play BD media and a BSOD when attempting to access 'Configure PowerDVD settings' > Information (tab) > 'Querying hardware support...' on the HP a6400f Desktop PC. Well, some progress made on that front I guess and a further inquiry with CyberLink pending. LUK, if you have time, I'd still be interested to know your thoughts on my last follow-up Q.'s Thanks, FFF
  7. mmalves ... thanks for your post ... re: BD Rebuilder forum, it's Doom9's Forum - my forum searches over there didn't yield any easily identifiably relevant info and I have to wait 5 days to post a new thread (new member policy). The non-readable disc has the same files/file structure as the mounted ISO image, it's just that the files are compressed - the technicalities of which I am not familiar with, yet, other than that the encoding is x264. I'm not familiar with VLC Media Player, so looked it up but have yet to d/l, install and test. I'm surprised something like SMPlayer doesn't support Blu-Ray. The PowerDVD 8 install on the Toshiba laptop went sideways after a protracted full re-install update to the base install and a failed 2nd (full re-install type) update d/l, so, I'm 0 for 2 with it. I contacted CyberLink for help with that, so, we'll see. LUK ... thanks for your post and insight ... you may have something there vis-a-vis Booktype - in the AnyDVD HD status window, the mounted image says 'Media is a Blu-Ray disc.' and the burned disc says 'Media is a DVD. / 'Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)'. Do you believe (or know?) that the BD Rebuilder invoked ImgBurn ISO create session would rely on the ImgBurn setting for Booktype? (info stored in ISO or MDS file?) Or would this be something to change prior to the ISO Write? And, is the relevant ImgBurn Booktype setting on the Settings, Write, Page 1 tab and labelled: Auto 'Change Book Type' (*)? Thanks, FFF
  8. OK ... this Blu-Ray stuff is a relatively new foray for me so I've probably made some sort of obvious coaster-creating blunder, just not sure what exactly. Back in DEC09, I started backing up Blu-Ray discs to WD MyBook Home 1GB eSATA HDDs, initially using AnyDVDHD 6603 and ImgBurn2500 to create ISO's. It didn't take long to figure out that HDD storage space was going to be an issue, considering Blu-Ray burners and BD (& BD DL) writable media were (and still are) non-economical. Lately, I've poked around looking for a way to compress my backed-up Blu-Ray ISO's to DVD+R DL media and decided to try BD Rebuilder 0.34.07 Beta. What I've done is mount a given ISO with Virtual CloneDrive and set BD Rebuilder to: Encoder: 'x264 Encoder', Output Options: 'Target Size BD-9 (DVD-9)' & 'Write to ISO file (with ImgBurn)' The BD-RB encoding/compression/ISO Read/create process took 13 1/2 hours on my HP a6400f PC running Vista HP 32-bit. The ImgBurn2510 ISO Write to Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R DL (Made in Singapore) media took another 44 minutes. The burned disc cannot be read in my (home entertainment) Pioneer Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-121. I'll attach the ImgBurn2510 ISO Read/Write logs so that more experienced eyes can possibly pick out what may be wrong. Another approach to utilizing the backed-up Blu-Ray titles would be to simply play the mounted ISO images back in s/w. I have CyberLink PowerDVD 8 - it came bundled with a Lite-On iHOS104 BD-ROM drive, however, there is some sort of conflict with the HP a6400f's integrated Intel GMA 3100 graphics chipset driver that I have been unable to resolve as yet. I'll try installing PowerDVD 8 to a Toshiba Satellite Pro P200 -S03 laptop which uses an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 graphics adapter to see if that works, as far as Blu-Ray s/w playback is concerned. Thanks, FFF imgburn(25).log ImgBurn(26).log
  9. Hey all ... was sorry to see the Ask Toolbar become part of the installer with ImgBurn ... Besides being twice as big a file to download, the new installer has a habit of displaying a blank GUI (following the Start Menu folder name selection GUI) while still inviting one to 'Install' ... if you just wait there long enough though (while the Ask Install Checker seeks an internet connection and tries to go out past [in this case, ZA Free on XP Pro SP3 / IE6] your s/w firewall - I 'Deny'ed it permission), the Ask Toolbar options eventually appear and can be de-selected before continuing with the install/upgrade. In any event, I love ImgBurn and have been using it / its' predecessor since DVDD3230, so, don't take this the wrong way, it's just a suggestion. FFF
  10. Heeey mmalves ... thanks for helping me out ... good info to know ... thanks, FFF
  11. Hey all! ... one small point about the XP source files used (for LUK!'s guide at: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11190) ... I noticed in the examples that SP1 had previously been run on the WXPVOL_EN files (or, they already existed on the actual O/S installation CD used to copy the files from). Recently, I did a ground up install (from my original pre-SP's XP Pro install disc) and subsequent updates of XP on a Toshiba (ex: Vista Home Premium SP2) laptop ... I found that a prerequisite of an XP SP3 update was the SP1a update. Rather than go through that again on a much different Toshiba (ex: Vista Business SP2) laptop (can't just clone to it), I knew a slipstreamed XP install CD could be made and knew that LUK!'d have the guide ... I just thought I'd ask if I'm wasting time/media ... having got to the (Img)Burn step in the guide (FYI - the CMD Integration process/dialogs do not warn of a missing SP1a update whereas an SP3 update attempt within an existing newly installed XP O/S does). If I'm thinking about the above correctly, and go ahead and do a burn, then an install using the newly burned media, I may have a fatally flawed XP O/S and would need to start over - what think ye all? Thanks much, FFF P.S. I searched 'slipstream' in the forums and did not come across this Q before, my apologies if I missed it somehow.
  12. mmalves ... thanks for the info ... how's things in Brazil? FFF (and yes, I am "near" Vancouver ... ever heard of Tsawwassen?)
  13. Hey all ... I poked around here and don't find anything when searching 'Blu-ray MDS' ... Based on ImgBurn2500 read ISO file sizes (4 so far, ranging from 40.1-45.0GB), I must be dealing with Double Layer BD-ROM Blu-ray discs (a definition I found of prerecorded BD-ROM Blu-ray disc types is at: hxxp://www.blu-raydisc.com/en/Technical/TechnicalWhitePapers/BDROM.html) ... and yet ImgBurn2500 is not creating MDS files to define a layer break. Can ImgBurn2500 be configured to create MDS files for the above disc type? Do I even need that feature? My intent is to burn the ISOs to BD-R DL discs sometime down the road. I noticed that under Tools > Settings > General > Page 2 - Advanced, I can enable 'Create MDS - Preserve Full Pathnames' - will this do what I'm thinking I need? And, while we're in that spot, if I enable 'Calculate MD5 Hash Values' and possibly the subset option 'Compare MD5 Hash Values', will I get MD5 values in my logs for read ISOs? I recently had to move the above referenced large ISO files and was surprised to discover that MD5 values don't exist in the logs to verify ISO file integrity after the move. Thanks, FFF
  14. rasheed ... that WinCDEmu 3.0 seemed to do the trick ... no more BSOD on restart and it functions similarily to VCD5435b. Thanks much eh? P.S. never did get around to testing VCD5435b installed to O/S on restart w A/V disabled ... kinda' academic at this point ...
  15. Hey rasheed ... how's it goin' eh? I went and got WinCDEmu 3.0 ... I'll give that one a try because the upgrade of my Win XP Pro O/S to SP3 didn't resolve the BSOD issue with VCD5435b. I may also try the disable A/V suggestion as well (I'm using AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.5, but not for long ... they keep hammering away at me with an upgrade to 9.0 offer pop-up ... really annoying) ... thanks for the help. FFF
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