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  1. well I dont want 25 copies of the same disc.. I want 1 copy each of 25 different images... the Baxter needs to be told to load a new blank etc it takes some custom commands. They have a DLL that goes with it for controlling this so the commands are probably pretty simple. I just dont know where to find the documentation
  2. I just bought one of these..... http://www.mfdigital.com/baxter.html I would like to use ImgBurn to burn a whole queue of 25 images unattended....... it seems like some software such as Riptastic has added support for this unit. How hard would it be to support this in ImgBurn? They have some developer docs here... http://www.mfdigital.com/downloads/DIRECTO...de_06_15_05.pdf It didnt look like those Docs were too informative. I will write to the company to see if they have better API documentation. But I was just wondering your general thoughts LUK. thanks!!
  3. just wanted to update this thread with the following information: burning DMGs using Nero as Mode1/2048 does not work, at least not for me. I get coasters. The TransMac software I mentioned above does work however. I wound up buying the program because this is something I do quite often. I am not sure how the developer figured out how to decode those compressed DMG files but so far it has worked on every DMG I have tried. maybe someday LUK will be able to add this capability to ImgBurn, but at least now there is a working solution
  4. I hear what you are saying but I always understood "ripping" to mean copying DRM or otherwise "Protected" or copyrighted content from a piece of media to your hard drive. For example, "ripping" and Audio CD to your hd, or "ripping" VOBs from a DVD, these are "illegal" actions. I never considered making a backup copy of a piece of media that I own (for example, a copy of Windows XP that is fully a retail store bought copy) as "ripping". That's what I meant. I am not sure exactly why adding the ability to create ISO images of unprotected media would constitute a crime but I suppose someone will explain to me..... I mean if this were really illegal then how can Nero, Alcohol, LCIsoCreator, Roxio, CDBurnerXP, etc etc all continue to exist and having this feature built in and also charging for it!?
  5. thank you for the replies. well I am not talking about 'ripping'... I am just needing to copy an unprotected CD-ROM (for example a Dell driver disc, etc.) So no laws being broken there, but anyway Also I think PgcEdit and ImgToolClassic are for DVD-VIDEO, correct? I am not looking for such tools, just a simple tool to make an ISO image from a normal ISO9660 Data CD.
  6. yeah but those wheels look a little wobbly especially on Kev's
  7. hello, often I find myself at remote location (client, etc) and needing to make a backup of a CD or DVD (data-- not movies). ImgBurn is of course my favorite choice for reliable freeware burner app but what to use for creating said ISO image? Yes of course Nero, Alcohol120, etc can be used but these require lengthy installations and registration and I am charging client by the hour cannot waste too much time downloading etc. What do you all use for quick easy ISO creations that can be carried on USB key for example? One such program I found is called LCISOCreator. It is very simple, plain GUI but it works OK -- but sometimes gives me strange errors / crashes. So I look for something perhaps a bit more reliable? Of course it would be great if ImgBurn could add this ability inside itself but I have seen others ask for this and the idea gets shot down (not sure why, but I wont open can of worms again) so if you have any recommendations I would really appreciate it!! PS yes I know DVD Decrypter can create ISO images but it only works for DVDs not CD-ROMs! edit: I found 2 more utilities, that may be of use: burnatonce 0.99b Folder2Iso v1.1 if anyone knows of any others please let me know!
  8. off topic: what are those funny lookin cars in your all's avatars? just curious
  9. oh hey also I just found something very interesting I am going to test this and report back... from a shareware company called Acute Systems: They have product called TransMac which has new version 7.2, here is an excerpt from the features: "- Support for opening compressed Mac .dmg (disk image) files. - Support for writing compressed Mac .dmg (disk image) files to CD/DVD/disk. " very interesting indeed!! maybe the developer can share his secret?? well anyway I will test.....
  10. hey this is an interesting idea!! so here's what I did: I had a few DMGs lying on my hard drive. I installed Mediafour's MacDrive 6.08 product (full version, not demo) and rebooted. Then I used Daemon Tools 347 to mount the .DMG and lo and behold, i could see the disc mounted properly and even all the files were there! I tried a few other images, including some very large (3+gb) images, and they seemed to work OK. Problem was, there were some DMGs I could not mount at all (mostly the smaller ones-- I guess maybe those were compressed??) I copied them to my Mac and mounted them and they verified fine so I know the DMGs are OK -- it must be certain types of DMG that are nonstandard. OK so news gets worse... I tried to actually copy some large files from one of the mounted DMGs to my desktop and it got like 80-90% through the copy and then reported "cannot read from file - parameter is incorrect" or something like that. I tried also using Alcohol120% virtual CD driver -- same error. So ... hmmm! seems like it can almost work but this Mysterious DMG format is quite troublesome. Well I wish there was some better documentation on it so we can have a more peaceful cross platform environment but I guess I dream too much... Also one last thing in my testing I discovered something-- Daemon tools virtual driver is MUCH MUCH faster than Alcohol.. maybe 2-3x faster. I noticed this when copying those large 600+mb files. Just something I never knew...
  11. No I have not tried that, but didnt you say the DMGs had a sector size of 512? so woulndt burning them using 2048 cause a problem? well anyway I imagine that more differences in the format might appear if I added more files to the filesystem of the DMG and created a larger one... also what about the compression you mentioned, DMG being a compressed format and ISO being uncompressed? if you want I can create, perhaps a 20mb DMG with some nested files and folders.
  12. Hey LUK thanks for your continued efforts on this project... I have done as you asked and converted those 2 image files using: hdiutil convert sample1.dmg -format UDTO -o sample1.iso I have uploaded these files: sample1.iso sample2.iso I hope these are sufficient for you, please let me know if you need more samples... thanks so much
  13. Well Apple has the Darwin project which is an open-source version of their operating system. I believe the code you need is probably contained in that project? Perhaps in isoutil-32 branch..? I don't know I thought maybe worth a try... http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/10.4.3/
  14. ok I hear you.. well what about maybe supporting "certain" DMG formats such as those with only a single partition? this would work for 99% of the DMGs I have seen out in the wild, and would be most useful well, if you feel ambitious...
  15. i dont have a DVD burner on my Mac... i found a really roundabout way of burning DMG images on my PC: 1) download DMG on PC 2) transfer via ethernet the DMG file to my Mac (takes looong time for a dvd image!) 3) open the image in apple "Disk Utility" 4) choose "convert..." and select "DVD master" as the output format 5) this process takes about 10-15 minutes and will produce a .CDR file 6) transfer this .CDR file back over the network to the PC 7) rename the .CDR file to .ISO 8) burn with Nero 7 This method seems to work except there are 2 main problems 1) it takes FOREVER! 2) the burned DVD is no longer "bootable" even though the files are there... So, LUK if you have any success in being able to burn the .DMG unharmed directly from the PC i think it would be so helpful!! I cross my fingers....
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