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  1. OK, problem solved. I did not know that the procedure had been changed. No I have to select a Layer brake first to fill in Information window, where before it got filled when a file was inserted and a Layer brake was chosen after.
  2. ImgBurn I am running Win7- Pro 64 bit with virtual Window XP. When I insert a file for DVD-DL all fields in Information window say "Unknown". Upon file insertion it jump right into a layer brake selection window. If I close that window and click "Calculator' layer brake window come up again. Single layer DVD file is fine, Info window show all the fields filled with green bar showing capacity used. I tried to load ImgBurn into virtual Window XP and in that one Information window works OK for all files. Other problem worth to mention that ImgBurn failed to close until I insert it as "Allowed" in "Trend Micro Internet security" antivirus software. That fix I found reading posts on this forum.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but it came too late. Yesterday I tried using Advance mode and did the same think like in Standard mode where ImgBurn got stuck, but it worked fine. Only think is that the procedure in there is similar like using "Browse for files" icon in Standard mode and that always worked when I opened ImgBurn after it hung and did not want to restart computer. Today I tried your suggestion to clear MRU files after I got ImgBurn stuck by closing it with selected files, just before burn and it looks like it started to work again. That means I cold use "Browse for folder" icon after reopening and clearing MRU file before clicking on that icon. One thing I noticed using Advance mode is that the windows change much faster within ImgBurn, than in Standard mode.
  4. I do not think I can use "Clear MRU file" when it hangs, because ImgBurn does not let me do anything. I have to use Ctrl/Alt/Delete to close it. It happen in Standard window. May be next time I will try Advance one.
  5. Interesting, that it does not do this in any other software.
  6. I use file folder icon to import DVD files to burn. If I close ImgBurn without burning and open ImgBurn again using File Folder Icon to open files, ImgBurn get stuck. I can import files if I use File Icon only. Cannot use Folder Icon again until I restart computer. Version:, OS: WinXP SP3.
  7. This is not an argument. I have printer and a web cam on USB, but none of those were turned on during the time I spend on computer.
  8. Last night I had Nero Speed disk on before closing windows. Both progs were closed before exiting windows. ImgBurn when finished burning and than Nero when done. They did not run together. Next time I will check taskmanager if everything closed first. I have couple things on USB, none of them was ON. Do not have external drive. I use Creative sound card, but what that has to do wit it?
  9. I have latest version of ImgBurn, running WindowsXP Home-SP2. When I shot down Windows, yellow closing window come up to close ImgBurn. When finished it say Program not responding. I have to use "End Now" to close it before Windows can complete. I closed ImgBurn after burning. This happen few times with previous version also.
  10. Thank you for an explanation, but would it be possible to set some kind of delay, to wait for call to be completed until condition is met. It is annoying when you forget about it.
  11. Img Burn (latest version) locks up when clicking on folder icon while DVD disk is not in drive. If I insert disk and let it finish initializing in drive, than there is no problem. Not sure if this is normal or it is a bug. I use WinXP SP2 as OS
  12. to LIGHTNING UK OK, forget about 403, I will try not to upset the server any more. I like your product and you will see some donation soon.
  13. This is for polopony,cornholio and Ifcrule 403 issue and Nero were two different things. I solved Nero versus ImgBurn by disassociating some DVD file extensions in Nero and ImgBurn is fine now. 403 issue is still there and if you look at the post it is not only my problem. I do not have message that returned that error and I did not see anything strange in that message that I would consider it not being allowed. When I opened this post today I got screen asking me to send the message which returned the error. How would I do that if the message generates the error? I think if the characters are not allowed you should not be able to type them, or it should warn you about that. How do you expect somebody to decifer there message so it works?
  14. I fixed my problem with conflicting software, but I do not get why I get "403 Forbidden" message when posting?
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