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  1. Any new external drives that you know of that will allow for bitsetting without firmware updates and such? Dark Shogun
  2. Besides improperly restarting my computer I don't remember how to get to safe mode. Also how do you flash? Dark Shogun
  3. So I should try my Lite On burner? Dark Shogun
  4. I have not had this burner for a month yet I don't think so getting a new one wouldn't be much of an option. I also have a Lite On sohw 1693sx which I have at my other residence but since I got this one I have not used the other one anymore. I don't think the Lite On can go more then 8X. Dark Shogun
  5. It said my dvd burner is SONY DVD RW AW-Q170A but when I got to the change book type section it has these options: Nu Tech Plextor RICOH Samsung BenQ LG LITE-ON NEC I am not sure which mines would go under. I did a little searching about Optiarc 7170 and that is Sony NEC so I tried the NEC one and it said Failed Parameter Value Invalid. Dark Shogun
  6. I just downloaded ImgBurn and installed it and when I check out the Device Capabilites it has DVD Rom completely greyed out. Does that mean I can't do bitsetting? I when to the Change Book Type section and it give me 8 choices for a OEM but I don't know which one mines is if any. Please help Dark Shogun
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